Resurrection Journey towards enlightenment


Last night had a wild dream { i was masturbating while a naked woman & a man were doing sex in front of me. Then i realized later in dream that i was fucking edging. So i became upset about it in my dream }



《 The Courage 》
Before i was so deeply fucked up that i had not the courage to face people. Now, i dont give a fuck about it. I go and walk in front of them. I am learning to accept myself. I know i am walking like a retard but i move my body to break this phobia. I strike at it again & again like a little child who is just learning to walk.
The child keeps on falling but he never quits because of the fear of fall. He is so determined that he perfects his art of walking. Ones he does that next he try is walking fast & then later on running. The progress keeps on. Same is with me. With so many years of unhealthy living i forgot how to walk & Run. My body has become rusty. But not anymore. I am doing great progress. I find great happiness when i conquer small things like walking half a mile.

Second thing which is improving is my posture. Before i used to bow down my head while walking because of shame & guilt. Now i keep my head straight. My guilt & shame has gone. Now i am improving each day. However the energy depletes in evening but what can we expect in just 12 days.
DAY 13


Guys today I’m super sick here it’s raining and cold as f*ck my head is aching. I’m just lying in bed and I’m afraid to relapse in a moment of weakness to forget the pain.
What should I do?
Thanks so much guys


Same here. Pmo depletes body of many vital minerals like zinc which give strength to the body’s immune system. Pmo can literally kill you. Friends let’s fight and overcome this ugly habit together, for once and for all.


Go and read some pretty good jokes of you have “Reader’s Digest” or any other magazines which has jokes in it
You could take a pad and pencil and when the urges come, scribble away at the pad about what you are feeling


Thanks for your advice man I’m on day 12 that’s not a lot but damn these first days are definitely the most difficult and I REALLY don’t want to start them all over again


Just make a diagram on a paper.
Make a weight & balance instrument. On one side write down ENERGY & TIME . On the other side put PORN~FAP~ORGASM = GUILT ,SHAME & WEAKNESS.

Now, See which side is heavier, i mean By doing Orgasm you have to remain in an agitated state for 21 days 21 days are a lot of time. Here you are simply buying energy with time. No food can quick fix it. It will take exactly 21 days to generate.
Choose Sexual Energy. The most powerful energy within us.


Its a Test. Without passing it you cant have bliss Show urges there real place. I believe that you can easily pass it. Its nowhere. Open your eyes. Endure this suffering to see the light of the next day
Brother you are strong.


Thanks so much for the motivation today I feel better and I’m so happy not to have relapsed by now


i can feel a mysterious energy inside my body. Sometimes it is there and another time it is not. I can sense that it gets exhausted. When i woke up i feel fresh to do some task. At evening i find it difficult to move my body because the energy gets exhausted at this point. It is mysterious in the way because its like few seconds shocks of energy & then it goes. It is not constant in the morning too. It can come at evening.

These type of energy shock gets big in time as i progresses on. The energy is spreading in me. Its a matter of time that i will become one with it.
Day 14


And what do you with all that energy?
What do you when you are one with the energy ?
What do you when you have all the benefits than you think nofap can bring you?

Is the life that you are living now the life that you are dreaming about and that you want?
Are you right now completely satisfied with your life, or you would like others things to happen or have?

I am challenging you, to see how you are progressing through your nofap journey :wink:


At that time i dont have to think to do a task. The energy do it for me. Its a mindless action.

No, i am not satisfied with myself. I am still not normal … i am in a transition phase.

I want to race in outside fields in morning & evening.
I want to do farming.
I want to make friends in real life.
I want to make my family proud of myself.
I want to be an Officer.
So many dreams …

Though i have improved over 14 days but i have a hunger for much more in life.


Okay nice you have lots of dreams.
But are you taking action to accomplish some of them, making real friends by going outside couple times a week for example?

The reason I write to you, Is that I have the impression that you are overfocused on your emotions and energy, instead of the outside world and the action you could take to improve your Life.
But maybe I am wrong I don’t have the whole picture.

Anyway I recognise myself in you, when I was too focused on nofap results, energy…
For me it was a mistake and an escuse, this focus prevented me to take real action such as going out and meeting people 2 our 3 times a week to beat social anxiety or make more friends, and other things.
It kept me in waiting for benefits and energy mode, before taking actions and living my Life fully.

Just wanted to share my opinion with you, maybe doing what you are doing is the best thing that you could do.


I am not making enough efforts. I am waiting for the mysterious energy to remove my fear first.
I have huge social anxiety.


me too… i want to clean out this social anxiety from my life. i want so much confidence , even if i walk with my underwears in street ,i just want to not give a damn fuck to the people…



《 Excercise Never Felt the same 》
I am doing excercise regularly past month. Before it was a complusion. I had no feelings . But now excercise felt real… every rep is feeling awesome. The intensity is insane. The balance & coordination, the posture is great. When you are one with yourself Or present in moment. You can make the most out of your excercise. Excercise is a necessary part of our life. For a person staying static… it is a must. Depression can be reduced by excercising because our body expands during it and in depression the body contracts. Racing of heart is good.
Everybody apreciate a good looking body & posture.
DAY 15


I believe that NoFap makes you ABLE to have an awesome life. But even when you’re 1000 days straight, life won’t change if you don’t do anything. I mean, we are the masters of ourselves : if we decide to go on the street right now and meet people, we can! Don’t rely on NoFap to do all the work for you. Sure it gives you a great push and all the benefits, but whatde are benefits without will?
Lets all have a time today to think about what is missing in our lives and how we could improve. Just do it for 10-15 minutes and if you want share it here so we can support each other and give advice!
Lets do this as a team guys


This is a paradox, because social anxiety is the fear of being around people but it’s also the feeling of avoidance, wanting to be somewhere else.
Therefore by waiting for benefits to come first before facing your fear, you are avoiding the feeling of fear and feeding your social anxiety.
Social anxiety gets bigger bigger because you avoid more and more.
I don’t think there is a way around but to face your fear by meeting people right now, and if you think that there is a way to overcome social anxiety by waiting for nofap, exercising, meditation, hypnosis… you are falling into the trap of avoidance and fear.
I also had social anxiety, it really sucked, but I never improved until now because I didn’t went out enough.
I still at times feel social anxiety at some events, at some party, but because I don’t go enough at those events, but the anxiety is way less that it used to be.
Accept the feeling to see it what it is, it’s just a bit of fear, it’s alright, you are not going to die.

Look at shy people and people who have social anxiety, they all share something, they don’t go out enough, very simple but also very difficult to face our fear.



{ Prostate Cleaning / Wetdream }
Last Night i had a wetdream/nightfall/nocturnal emission. I clearly remember what i was dreaming. It was a lucid dream, like inception a dream in a dream. In my dream i was dreaming that i was watching youtube videos. Aishwariya Rai was lying down with her butt up and was making loud moans. Suddenly i ejaculated. I noticed that my dick was stuck in my shorts dripping large amount of prostate juice. It was erected like a iron rod. I changed my shorts & took a piss.
I am happy about it that finaly my 2nd wetdream of my lifetime happens. I have noticed that when you are edging chances of wetdream are very rare. My streak is clean so far. Last year i had a wet dream. The gap between them is almost a year. Its because i have a clean streak going after a long time.

For those who thinks wet dream as bad. Actualy its a blessing in disguise. It cleans our prostate juice hence no risk for diseases. It is a natural process of body like a self house/body clean. Dead waste is washed out. Consider it as man periods. It is a sign of Rewiring & Reboot.

After a wet dream, urges comes because last time i masturbated the next day after a wet dream but not this time. Wetdream is not a problem. It doesnt give shock to our central nervous system like actual sex & masturbation does. I am happy that i had a wet dream.
DAY 16



@lumpri & @pierretomas18
Today i decided to face my demon { Social anxiety } So i went to a crowdy vegetable market.
It was very uncomfortable out there but i did it somehow.
I know it will get alright with passing days.