Resurrection Journey towards enlightenment


I believe in 7 energy Chakars inside our body. I believe in enlightenment. I believe in soul.
I believe in spirituality. I have tasted the powers of Sexual Transmutation. I have seen all sides of Sex & Masturbation. It only have resulted in pain & suffering. Over the past 12 years, i have suffered a lot. Now i am 26 yrs old. The stage has come where i should return towards the life that i was meant to experience in this world.

I dont want to have regrets at the time of my death. Regret of not living my life to the fullest of my potential. To understand this life i must uncover the hidden truth. I have obtained the courage over the past 2 years of failures. No more Relapse now. Healthy life full of Joy, mindfulness & Love.


Today i faced my fears. I trembled in public but i had courage to deal with it. I learned from it. I am getting the courage to face challenges in life.


Hey are you the same @resurgent?


Yes, i am The Resurgent.


We need more danger in our lives. The best periods for me were when I lived dangerously. Worked as a metal worker, a junkie tried to kill me… Life was great. Now at colllege everything is dull and safe. Political talks etc… But maybe I am addicted to andrenaline and when I lack it the depression kicks in,porn as a consequence. I learn science though so dealing with complicated material also gives me a thrill. But there is always a crush afterwards.


You should try some sports. Your energy can take you to places man.

《 Beautiful changes are happening 》
:black_small_square:Awareness has increased
:black_small_square:Feelings have come to a zombie man
:black_small_square:Flow of action has started.


May you find the path of knowledge and enlightenment my friend these two “powers” are what a man needs to be in full control of his life.and i support you in this decision all the community does.

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Thanks brethren. :hugs:


《 The Transition Weeks 》
2nd & 3rd week are transition weeks… During this, your feelings & awareness rises up.Your focus & concentration starts to rise a little. Your dopamine receptors are under repair. You may experience your all symptoms of anxiety. If you remain patient & endure during this. Your agitation will go away. Many nofappers relapse during this transition period. For moving forward in life, we have to accept that anxiety & dont run from it in form of fapping.


《 Anger Blowing Roof 》
Usualy on or around day 9 i get realy angry at others. I get involved in fights. Part of Reboot. Emotions are coming out like anything without any filter. Hell is unleashed.


That’s exactly what I felt l… I felt like I just wanted to argue or to prove someone wrong. I got angry for any reason just to argue or even fight with somebody. Keep fighting man were all at the same road.


Getting More Comfortable in my own skin.
Social Anxiety is still there.
DAY 10


God bless you and help you in getting your highest perfection possible. Pmo, sex, masturbation are at best consolation prizes which WE reward ourselves. These ain’t the real prizes worth seeking.


Thanks buddy, you are doing great yourself… keep rising up… dont ever look backwards. Cheers for your 20th day :birthday: :cocktail:


Hey I’ve seen you in so many topics could you be so good to give us your sharing code? The more the merrier👍


Yeah why not, 05osg0 is my code.
How are you doing ?

{:tropical_drink:10 Days Report Card :tropical_drink:}
:pizza: Awareness has increased.
Better understanding of sounds & noise around me. So less Agitation & fear.
:icecream: Increase in Body Energy
Started Walking & Excercising.
:candy: Using Time in productive things
Instead of watching movie or playing video games now i prefer to study for competitive exams.


:shower: 《 Test Of Bathroom 》 :shower:
For penis hygiene i generaly wash my penis glans in 3 days. Today when i was bathing i decided to wash the smegma. As i was washing my glans, the penis gets erect. The erection was so strong. Pumping like iron rod. 30° erection towards ceiling. I tried to cover the penis glans but the skin doesnt want to go up. After few seconds i was able to cover it up and the foreskin was restored to its normal position.
The positive thing was i was so sure that i am not going to masturbate, hence i came up clean
:white_check_mark: I passed the test.


Hey thanks so much for the code I hope you’ll be a source of motivation for all of us.
As for me, I’m quite new to the app (only 6 months or so) and my goal is 90 days (or a lifetime actually🔥). I relapsed from a great streak 11 days ago but I didn’t fall in the first week trap. I hope this time to finally achieve my goal. Btw, I know I’m on the right way: I have now such willpower that I resist wet dreams so my subconscious is healing all right I guess.
What about you?
Keep fighting guys🔥