Resurrection Journey towards enlightenment


Man! Hang on. I feel glad for you! You are the leader of the “Chronic relapsers” :grinning::grinning:. Stay strong and lead us.


Thanks for the Title. It suits me. :joy:


Kya baat ay, kya baat ay bhai to kmal ka motivator h good going brother.


Thanks Alok, you are doing good.


Really happy for you man! Must feel like a great burden off you now!
Yesterday evening I had just worked out as usual and when I went to shower after my mind tried to trick me into masturbating by saying hey let’s see if you can arouse yourself and how quick it will come (and cum lol). So I started having an erection but in the middle I just realised oh fuck I’m going to relapse if I continue so I instantly stopped. But the erection wasn’t getting away so I tried to end it. And for the first time I LITTERALLY ended the erection just with my willpower. I don’t mean I just waited and thought avoit other things to end it, I mean I really bent all my willpower into stopping the erection. And it worked. I was amazed that I was able to do that. But then, I felt a pain in my head, like something in my brain was moving or connecting or whatever. It lasted for around 2 minutes and when it ended I really felt new, like I was different from before. I can’t really explain the feeling, it was so weird. Also I felt like my eyesight suddenly had got more precise, like I was more aware of everything. I thought it was strange but today I’m still feeling all these things, like I am more myself and aware of everything, and I can control my body in every possible way. It just feels like I am one with my body and that my mind and eyesight are so much stronger.
I wanted to know, do any of you have had similar experiences? Do you know what is happening to me?
Thanks a lot guys, I’m longing for your advice


I think you have broken the wall of fapping you control you body now not your mind.


You shall feel more surprise phenomenon of power & energy if you keep going like this. So happy for you.
Never underestimate porn. Dont ever watch it. Second thing never allow sexual fantasy to take over your thoughts.
Make this your discipline. Then it becomes easy.


Ok guys I need your opinion really quick.
Last night I was in bed and I start having sexual thoughts. I just went to sleep still thinking about it and I was falling asleep with the thoughts. Then, I was in a mid-state between sleep and awake and I cummed because of the thoughts. However, I did not even touch my penis. As soon as I cummed, I opened my eyes and I saw I had lost a lot of sperm. I did not really feel guilty like on a normal relapse, but I wasn’t proudd of myself either. I feel like the tension of NoFap is still there in me but it’s diminished.
So do you think this counts as a relapse? Please really be honest, I need to know.


Thinking about sex is normal but you shouldn’t have entertained those thoughts.

As you are telling i am confused about was it a dream in which you cummed or not !


I feel like that too… It ranges around 7th to 9th day.
I try exercising and getting as tired as possible


No I didn’t cum in my dream but I didn’t cum either in my wet dreams. Please just tell me if you think it is a relapse I need you guys to judge. Please just tell me you opinion I need an objective opinion.


If it wasn’t a dream & as you are telling that you involved yourself in fantasy & cummed. Plus you are confused
Thats a Relapse motherfucker…


Ok I reset my counter man. Thanks for the advice. Btw now I don’t really care for the counter as I feel fantastic anyway, still feel the awesome body control and eyesight like before.


Now, Whats your lesson from this relapse ?


You can cum without touching yourself so be carzful with your thoughts


You should never entertain sexual thoughts. Have a clear mindset about sexual energy. These thoughts generaly comes when you are alone and have nothing to do. Get yourself equiped with goals & people all the time. Be strong.
Lets do it again bro…


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Busted Another Urge
DAY 22
Hard Mode



My focus & concentration has increased. Example : In evening while i was sitting outside. A mosquito wanted to suck my blood. I turned my full attention to its movement. The tiny mosquito flying in air circling around me. I grabbed it between my palms. I could see it clearly.

Negative Energy or people are painful to my soul. When somebody is scolding other & showing anger & negative emotions. It pinch my soul. I want to get away from it.

Awareness has increased. As i was waiting for my turn in a Samsung Customer Care Center, i was amazed to hear voices like a swarm of bees are humming. I was quick in judgement & was alert.





It’s very interesting phenomenon & strange also Like i am watching my body as if my body is an instrument only. Example : while i was sitting when somebody walked in front of me. My body shrinked itself like my head bending to shove itself into ground like an ostrize when the ostrich sees danger it shove its neck in ground but it doesnt realy helps ostrich. By this he is only fooling himself.
After the incidence i realized this behaviour of mine. That i no longer needs to bend my neck downward when somebody comes in front of me. Like my guilt is ridden and now i must walk like a MAN … straight like a SOLDIER.
No more weakness… Liberation is here Baby.