Prabhjot 1 year semen retention journal

Day 105 update :
There is no need to learn from anyone, there is no need to seek the answers from outside. Outside is so complex and you’ll get so dependent on material world. Inner journey is enough, answers will come either on soul level or in the reflection of physical world. Thank you god.


True, absolutely !!!

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Day 106:
Seems like losing my intuition power, full moon is near. Thank you god, proud of myself

Day 108:
Mood not good, not going to gym from so many days, waking up late. What should i do? Getting irritated and angry

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Go to meditate, walk, chill with friends. There are time for battles and time for rest.

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Day 109
Today update : law of karma working everytime, here’s a video how it works
Ps - nothing religious, just to improve your life

Day 110 :
I got goosebumps when Osho said “ i can’t give answers to your questions but I can guarantee one thing that i will destroy your questions. I will uproot and throw away every single question of yours.” Good video of Osho, you can watch if you understand Hindi there are English subtitles too.

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Day 111 thoughts:

The more you repress, the more it will come into you. Prohibition is like giving importance, for example when we were small our parents used to prohibit us for watching cartoons and we used to watch it more because we were so curious that why they are prohibiting us, this thing is so much fun, they should watch it too and if we don’t watch it we used to felt something missing in us. Same goes with masturbation, we need to find something more good then it. It should come naturally from deep within us that we don’t like masturbation anymore. Don’t suppress it, just find something better. What could be better then masturbation pleasure? Well most people are mad about sex,money,cars but still aren’t satisfied, what’s left? That leftness would take us to spirituality, realizing who is god, loving ourselves deeply is the most beautiful thing that could ever happened to us. We should taste this pleasure, we should deal with shadows side, heal our inner wounds and bring out our best version that we would like. You matter, if you like you that’s all you need. You don’t need attraction,glowing face,cars,money to like you. You need something internal,eternal that would make you complete without even having anything. Thank you god, good luck all.

Day 112:
Tell them to love yourself, tell them i love you. Say them, you’re a pure soul and is capable of getting everything you want. Don’t give advice, advice depicts weakness, they don’t need advice. They need love, they are craving for love. Send them love, send them good wishes


No nut November running

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No nut November still running


I don’t know what happened, i started doing sex chat yesterday but didn’t touched not relapsed. Feeling a bit guilt today, no nut November still running tho

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Never ever put your guards down.

Keep it up.

Yeah, i did it for like 7-8 hours. It became so hard for me to stop but I’m happy that atlast I didn’t masturbated.


Dear @Prabhjot0102,

Be vigilant.

More you feed it more hungry it becomes. More you starve it, more it is satiated.

All the best bro.


Day 133.
Confused, i am full of emotional traumas. My parents treated me very badly.

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Why you were been treated badly by your parents?

Because they were treated badly by their parents. It maybe bad for them in the beginning of their childhood but then they didn’t rebel, they accepted themselves as their parents wanted and did everything to please their parents. They went with their unhealed trauma in adulthood and the suppressed things they reflected on me, trying me to do things which the way they wanted.

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It happens bro, I think they wanted to make you sucessful in their style.

Its not about successful, good or bad. They want to make me like them not intentionally but unintentionally as they’re not aware of themselves yet. Freedom and a bit of personal space is all we expect from our parents, but as we rebel for it they start giving us a guilt trip that we had done something against mankind ( guilt for not taking bath for a child feels like a tons of bricks compared to adults)