Prabhjot 1 year semen retention journal

Remember one thing.
Whatever happens, whoever treat you badly; Treat yourself with full dignity and respect.

What matters most is how you treat yourself.:grinning:

You are doing great👍
Keep it up brother.


Day 138
First Nightfall today


No nut November completed

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Congratulations buddy

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Day 142 :
Streak is broken, i did sex today, should I consider it a relapse? Or an end to my hard mode streak?

As per Normal Nofap Mode it was not an relapse but of you are following monk mode then it was relapse.

According to me it was not relapse :slightly_smiling_face:

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My streak is broken, sorry. I’ll make it again.


Stuck in chaser effects

Bro how’s ur streak going ?

I am back
Day 3.
Lots of motivation, i’ll gonna do it once again !!!

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