NOT PMO addict but much more than it 🥺 to

Bro I’m serious
I really want to stop this addiction :weary:
But sometimes I feel so good after jerking off to her while other time I curse myself

Bro I’m not ready yet for marriage… I need to overcome this addiction :weary:
Moreover I know deep down my heart that what I’m doing is wrong and as like PMO it’s so irresistible

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Ma dude, understand this, the only way out of mo addiction is nofap. Period. Practice no fap diligently and you will see results. I’m not saying it’s easy. Its incredibly fucking difficult. But it’s the slow progress that counts. One day at a time bro. Hell count it an hour at a time. Abstain for 5 hours today and abstain for 6 hours after. But keep progressing. It will be slow, but it will be worth it


Man has spoken the truth

that’s literally the worst thing you would do rn, you will objectify or find an asshole girlfriend.

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Your problem starts with watching.
So, guard your eyes. Lower your gaze if you happen to see a women. This is the first step. Without this step, you will never get over this bad habit. Make a STRONG HABIT of guarding your eyes and you will find it EASIER to control.

You can overcome this!. You must believe in yourself!!!.


Virginity is getting to your head. Guess who else is a nearly 25yo virgin here? Me, so I can probably understand your situation. 2 years ago, it got so bad that I even went to a brothel, but I was fooled and robbed for good. You are in your prime and your body wants you to procreate right now with any potential candidate that it sees. Best way to control that is to divert your sexual energy in other direction, probably go to gym and indulge in serious weight-lifting. I have one other idea for you. If you have good qualification from prestigious institute, or if you have enough money, show it off on tinder or any other hookup/dating site and get laid with one of those materialistic bitches. Once you’ll get laid, it’ll become much easier for you to control it, as after that you’d have experience of intimacy with female body . Additionally, you’ll have someone to actually experience real thing with, which will gradually decrease your wicked fantasies and inhibition. That’ll solve a lot of your problems.
However like I always say, the best way to change your habits is to learn to suffer and not giving in to stupid guilt-ridden pleasures to escape those sufferings. But its very hard to do.
All the best.


Hes got a point. A very valid one. I was about to tell u the same


Very truly spoken my friend… I should start weight lifting and side by side look for getting laid… I at least want to experience once that feeling of intimacy

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Try meditating. meditate like 15 mins if you cant just keep trying till 15 mins . set timer on mobile.

take it more like a “experiment” rather than a “solution”


I give credit to nofap… All of it… Nofap saved me


Ok bro… In general does every girl come to know about it when I’m checking them out ?? I mean I didn’t know about that they have so called wide peripheral vision…animals have such wide angle vision to escape from their predators

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Hey can you please explain your experience with me in this regard? I’m sort of curious to know. I’m feeling shameful if they came to know about that every time I checked them out

You are really enjoying this conversation, aren’t you?

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why not stop what you are doing out of fear of that. Or you just want more interesting way to fantasize. Now you can have more fun behind the wall watching your aunt imagining that you are doing your shit. Brother please do not make fun of these habits.


I agree with @Gokura here. You seem to be enjoying this conversation. Just focus on nofap. What I wrote to warn you not to make your act more pleasurable.


Ok bro I have already started nofap and I’m on my 4th day… My highest was 49 days…

To som extent you can say but it’s serious issue for me… I want to change myself, that’s why I didn’t shy away from telling this to the community hoping to get effective solutions which by the way I would say that I had gotten… Everyone has given their idea and now I’m gonna compile of those and start implementing

Ok bro

Thanks for your time and quality answers

I will break this habit


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