Nofapping poets society

Hey companions,
sometimes i use poetry to cope and like to re read it too keep me inspired.
Maybe you have some good quotes or rhymes to add!

also check out @ChristianMan ´s Mini-Story Society
in this sense:

what is this place?
what are the rules?
what are it´s taboos?
what to do in this space?

this place is for sharing
for authentic expression
to voice your strong passion
even express your agression
maybe share your depression

this place is for caring
to care for eachother
support oneanother
to see your brother
and stand with your sister

we all struggle and fall
but compasion and love
carry us through all.

these are nice words and phrases-
so what are the rules of engagement?

the rules are quite simple
share what you feel
say what you think
word your support for those on the brink
ignore artisitc MiStAkEs
do not create a companions aches
strive to heal
It is pretty simple
Do not be a pimple!

as you seen in the rules
there are only few taboos
just share your success
or your memory
or maybe desires for futures to be
all in moderation not in excess
so here to expression always say :

Now you know where you are
what to do
and evry taboo
Take to the stage and be a star

i look forward to quotes
songs and messages
or even pretty sentences

thank you for reading
now i`ll be leaving <3


This is for HIM. for the person i seek and aspire to be.

This is for me.
For the joy that I lost that i now struggle to feel.
For the child that i was that i now want to heal
For the boy whose caged potential i fight to reveal
For the man who choose badly and took the deal
For the soul whose ambitions are not yet real

This is for her.
For the girl who saw my disparity
For the woman who stayed despite difficulty
For the queen who showed me brilliancy
For the goddess who i adore wholeheartedly

This is for them.
For the friends that never gave up on me.
For the people who have invested in me.
For the children that i want to live happily.

This is for you.
for you who struggle against this addiction
for you who undertake the same transition

this is for all.
the people that will come when we are gone.
so that this struggle, this weaknesses, this debauchery become just another lesson in history. a lesson to be heeded but never repeated. A man is defined by the hindrances he exceeded, deeds he performed and not for the time he spent idly conformed.

these words written with tears
shall grease my stuck gears,
shall be a reminder of my fears,
that i already managed to pierce

this is my proof of commitment.
that i shall open and read
for my souls future nourishment.
and maybe it also helps you succeed


Looks awesome :ok_hand: :clap:
Keep going buddy :+1: :muscle:


@Vortexkicker this place is calling your name!! You gotta show some of your stuff!

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waking up is a struggle
So many challenges to juggle
The clock keeps ringing
And the air is chilling

I remeber a place
That might keep me willing
That drives me to face
The fears that i am fighting

So here i am now
Writing poor rhymes
Remembering my vow
To fight for good times

Times of joy and Inspiration
Of creativity and connection
With warmth and wellbeing
Times simply worth living

now I am awake
My shakles shake
Thank you for reading
You help me competing

Bests SirTryHard


A wolf is chasing a lion, but this lion is weak
A mouse is eating a cat, because cat’s on low streak.
A lion is weak, A lion is weak
because he is melting himself for a short peek.

And what will he get ?
Pain, More pain, and Regret !
And you know who that wolf is ?
The wolf is the Chaser Effect.

After regreat ends in you
the wolf pow will be scratched on you.
Instead of Hands-Up, he will say
“get more pain, more regret and the cycle will be repeated on you !”

Then the cycle will repeat like “deja-vu”
PMO and then regreat, you will hate “you”.
Then you be trapped in two.
"Why I Fap? Why I don’t? "

You will get weak, your blood will shrink.
The wolf will only melt you , showing you “mirage”.
And when you will get real water have already forgotten to drink !

you will shrink,you will shrink!


@STORY_OF_A_GREAT_LOSER this needs some music to it!

Also love the wolf as the chaser effect brilliant ty for sharing!

Felt the energy boost from it!


Shoot up! just shoot up! like a small shoot of a seed.
A seed doesn’t know about the world until shoot up…
Don’t weep, you are not weak…
just get towards the right street…
you are poor, not by money,not by anything,just by time.
keep chasing up! keep chasing up,time never stops…
go for it,go for it! you cant do it just by thinking…
push your plans then build new plans.
keep up ! keep it up! down in you bagpack.
fight with others but don’t pull their legs…
fight up! fight up! just one punch…
Success is your, success is your.
just wake up! get up! and run!
get some pace! and start the chase!


All my beauty is fading…
My darkCircles are shading…
My cheecks are no more soft…
I am like a bone…with no mass…
But I do have a chance…

I am getting bald…
Thirsty, but craving for salt…
I prefered lust over love…
And why not, who will like a bald…
But I do have a chance…

I have low-blood pressure…
But high mental pressure…
Just why? Cause I don’t try…
But I do have a chance…

Mothers are one who gave birth…
They’re pure, but my mind thinks a different story…
The problem is not only my mind…
But also some gravy dogs in the planet…

Who can do anything for money…
Torchure others…kill them and you know what I am saying…
This is a cycle…!
We get pleasure, they get money…
Regardless of whom they Torchure
Whom they kill…!

But I remember one thing…
Love is permanent…
Lust is not even a thing…
But I do have a chance…

Lust is born for pleasure…
You use and throw them…
Love is born for satisfaction…
You don’t need anything from them…

I believe in karma
If we plant babool, we can’t get mangoes…
I doing wrong…
Wrong will be done on me…

But If I keep thinking about it…
I will keep getting week…
So I am better focusing on my streak…
I do have a chance…

I have fake smile on my face…
But crying from inside…
But until I don’t try…
I can’t cry…
But I do have a chance…


Keep trying mate I feel your pain and your desire!
Keep that streak going and use thr chance u have!
Sending virtual hug

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i am siting in front of the screen
desperetly wanting to be a machine
lamenting my inability to perform
cursing the vulnerability of my form
i wish upon a star for an angel to come
to solve all my issues and than some
but deep in my soul i know
i have to do this on my own

i know the path is thorny and steep
but it is the only one to quit beeing a sheep
beg myself for a sign of relieve
search for a tiny bit of reprieve

never again will there be release
preassure however will slowly decrease
it will transform into confidence
this experts assured in conference

is the urging easing
did i manage apeasing
the buring desire
keeping me in the mire
i belive that i did
i won this bid

ah now the reward
after clearing the board
i feel reassured
my streak is secured

Hence do i proceed
to water my seed
of promised hope
that will help me cope

now off to work
off to strive
so that i feed my drive
and i do not lurk


ruffling my hair, scratching my skin
i stuggle with the demon within

i want to move on,
to be productive
but distraction seems so seductive
the phone smiling at me
the screen staring at me
the radio calling me
even this peom to some degree
is just distraction for me

i want to succeed
to strive in society
i desire to lead
propagade sobriety

additionly i am afraid
of the price to be paid
of the effort that is needed
for ones advice to be heeded
After all who follows a leader
resembling a bottomfeeder?

i have the knowledge
i have the skill
but do i have the will?
i know i am capable
but can i stopp beeing culpable?
i need the affection
hence i beg for attention

i post and i like
i want to help to advice
to distract myself from this vice
that is of my own making
that i am afraid of penetrating
after all the effort is great
and demads to be paid

i know the price is supposed to be worth it
but am i truly worthy to stand at the summit?
after all every king of the hill
needs impecible iron will
to stay strong where others fail
to - depsite poor odds- prevail !

i doubt and i struggle
i am used to stay in the hovel
but i want to live in a palce
wear a happy mans dress

i was commited to this path
but now i am shaking
my brain is aching
i feel divine wrath
for all my debating
this verbal math
is an expression of flaking


i know i am an attention whore
i know for some ym struggle is bore
i know this life isd for greater things
i know i strive healing remedies
i know what i am supposed to do
i know that i dont want to swallow this pill
i know that i am missing something
i remeber all the chances i already blew
oh finally i remember
i have found an emper
a sliver of hope
that will help me cope
a missing clue


i love you

yes you who are wrting this
you who are reading this
you have yet to see this
you who helped me remeber this

i love you
and it is okay
to stumble to pray
just take your time
take it slow for a while
and than you will see
what sientists guarantee

stick with nofap
and now
take care of the performance gap

thank you for reading
now i am leaving



I like what you’ve written, and that you want to focus your mind and inspire those to do the same.

It’s within our grasp to stand up and fight, not with negativity, but with our mind’s might.

I’m not much of a poet, I don’t think much about ryhmes, my grammar is repetitive and poor, with lots of buts and I’s - ironic when you think about it.

Get over it already, hot chicks are everywhere, it’s nothing new. What happened to healthy relationships where holding hands was the glue.

I’m not here to whine, trigger or cry - but to focus and take charge of my mind.
Not to focus on relapses, lofty ideas, shoulds & shouldn’ts, theology or transmutation but pick myself up out of that hole, not to go back but to go forward, and to return home.

We are made in the image of God,
We are stronger than we think.
Making this up as I go along
[with some edits]
Doing me no harm -
Better than to overthink.

Deep down we know what’s right ~
Nothing new to learn, only to be.
My words may or may not help others, but letting some words flow is definitely helping me.

I’m ending my flow in an odd place but I’ll end it with asking others to fight;
@2004 @slave_of_allah @Rebooter81 @Forerunner @Gk-00 @Forodwaith @Karan050


hey @Aoshigreen
the text is great i realy like the sincerity <3

especially this part!

I’m not here to whine, trigger or cry - but to focus and take charge of my mind.
Not to focus on relapses, lofty ideas, shoulds & shouldn’ts, theology or transmutation but pick myself up out of that hole, not to go back but to go forward, and to return home.

ty for checking in and sharing!

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Thanks for the inspiration :wink:

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This is really good bro lol its inspirational. Thanks for tagging me i needed to see it


Writing some poem, rhythm or rhyme.

To keep this thread going,

So you who are reading,
feel tempted to dine.

Come and eat,
what is good,
To sing your own song,
I know you could.

I know you could stop,
listen and take heart,
To organise your thoughts,
The kingdom of heaven is not so far.

It’s here already,
for all those for the taking,
Just close that door,
And come into the making.

You’ll be made into something,
Something new,
Away from that torment,
Where your heart was once blue.

It’s time to go,
Close that door for good,
It’s as simple as knowing,
Knowing you could.


trigger warning! death is mentioned!

i am feeling pain
i am feelling joy
i am crying
i am laughing

i am here to enjoy
i am here to ache
i am here to live
to learn through mistake

It is hard to live
it is hard to struggle
it is hard to choose life
it is hard to choose death
it is hard to take a breath

i have failed
i have tried
i failed again
i struggled again
i failed even more
and than fought on some more

despite of this hardship
what choice do i have?
i could always choose death?!
or settle for less!?

NO i can NOT
i choose this LOT
i came in to beeing
to see myself succeeding
some higher power
gave me this hour

this second
is a precious present
each as precious as the one before
each strikes passes and is nevermore
i see this as luxury
for how many dead envy me

they have had their time
it is long past their final chime

now is not the time to dwindle
it is the time to rekindle
the flame of hope
put in the effort to cope

i choose coping
to keep on hoping
i choose to feel the pain
to endure my shame
to rejoice in my crying
to keep on trying

each challange i face
helps me quicken my pace
yes i may falter
yes i may fall
but i will always go on

i embrace this present called live
i am glad i am alive
i am glad for my struggle
i am glad for the challange
since this all proves i am alive
i am still here
i am still feeling joy
i am still crying
i am still laughing
i am still here to enjoy
i am still here to ache
i am still here to live
i am still here to learn from mistake.


thank you for reading
now i am leaving
if you felt good with where this went
please leave a comment



i am sitting here again.
i feel like my only fan
i feel lost and alone
my effort almost forsworn

i have to work
but i am losing my torque
there is so much to do
but i am just feeling blue
how can i face a superior
feeling so much inferior

what will they see
when they look at me
the failure i am
all the things i do not can

i am trying my best
but is it enough
i do not feel like the rest
after all i am a bluff

the feeling overpowers me
my focus abandons me
i feel only despair
but what do they care?

they are just human
there is no superior man
they also have troubles
and live in thier bubbles

so how would they tolerate
my the way that i operate
the breaks and the errors
that are caused by my terrors

i do not know
i do not care
i feel only despair
i am searching a way out there

i search for a way to stay on point
so that my work does not dissapoint
i search for a way to be efficient
so that my results stay persistent

the things that i find a critique
and errors in my technique
after all i am not a machine
i can not keep up this routine

i have to tell them
have to admit
that i am not a gem
and they should not comit
to someone so weak
who can not carry his burden
who is so uncertain

wrting this down
reading these words
i know what to do
even though it hurts

but i will keep to authenticity
i will develop my capacity
to work and hold of my voracity
to averse worse calamity

now i am off to work
mith a bit more torque
saddened by the fact
that i will lose some respect

best regards
thank you for reading
and watching me bleeding


I know i am an addict
however i still fear the verdict
from peoples mouths
from their words
from their eyes
from their piercing stares
since i am failling in my affairs

even though i am addicted to PMO
i have more dependencies i know

i have to start somewhere
and also tread with care
since like others before me
i too want to be free

for me to keep going
i need a way of rembering
how to deal with my trembeling
i want to keep writing
i want to keep exercising

but what do i do
when my fears ring true
when i feel all abandoned
when i am stranded
alone in this room

some things i can not resolve on my own
sometimes i just do not want to go on
often my emotions just flow and flow on
daily new challanges spawn

i would like to sound hopefull
i would like to sound convincing
i would like to sound cheering
but currently i am moanfull