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This is a play off of @SirTryHard 's Poet Society. I’m not much of a poet, nor do I really care to be. My writing style is quite different. I like to draw out in detail and reason with the reader, maybe answer some questions I would have if I read it. All of this within the story.


I’ve creates this discussion for people to show off their talent through stories or a different writing style!

BUT FIRST Go check out Nofapping poets society

Looking forward to reading!!


Iam really looking forward to your text .
Great idea!


:warning::warning::warning:Hey everyone just a trigger warning this story is very deep and a bit disturbing so just be aware of what you’re about to read. Also most of this is fictional something not nearly as bad as this kind of happened to me, but it’s one of my fears this would happen.

Mini Story

All I Need
By ChristianMan
Tap tap tap tap the sound of my shaking foot hits the ground. I feel the sweat draining out of my head. Tik - Tok - Tik - Tok I swear the clock gets louder every second! I cock my head to the left just slightly towards my window. click click click click it’s raining. The window is drenched and blurry but I can still make out the familiar damp street lamp outside. “How long have I been gone?” I say aloud. “Been gone from what?” I jump and spin around my heart pounding! It’s my innocent little sister, 3 years old. My mind is racing. Oh no, did she see- I quickly look down and to my horror my pants are still lowered enough for my penis to hang out. Everything in me freezes. My sister sits in silence and looks at me with her big blue eyes. What have I done? I zip up my pants quickly lying to myself that she didn’t see it. I usher her out of the room knowing she wouldn’t understand. This sick overwhelming feeling hits me hard. I turn the lock on the door and slip under my covers and go again. Forgetting all about the real world. Because this is all I need right? I’ll be able to live without relationships. I don’t need sun they have medication for that. All I need is this. And I lower my hand.


damn i understand the trigger warning…
i have a niece around that age… that would be hgihly disturbing i ahve never even thoght of that before …
that si definietly one more reason to quit…
also sorry that you even had a “watered down” situation like this…

ty for sharing!

sadly i am out fo likes -.- again xD


Ayoooo, just reviving the topic. Anyone got anything good to share?


Well, I did, until writer’s block. But I am thinking about something to put here, just so you know.


Well this is a true story about my experience in an affair.

In 2018, I liked a girl and she liked me back as well. Prolly the cutest girl in our batch.

In 2019, I texted her for the 1st time but she didn’t reply back. The next day she came into my class during the break period, which was a surprise. We walked together, had a few laughs and the tension was pretty high. When I asked if she liked me or not, she said she was already dating.
Few months after, she broke up with her old bf.

In 2020, I knew this was my chance to date her but then Covid-19 happened. Our entire 12th semester was online. We never saw eachother again.

The end.


Reviving this topic again. Decided to come back for a short time after my break. How is everyone? Any new stories to tell?

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Possible trigger warning. :warning:

Every time was the last time.
I was tired and I would tell myself this is the last time. But it wasn’t. I always said one more time.
Staring up at the shower head as the hot water ran down my shoulders I wondered what would happen if I gave in. Would I stop thinking about it? Would it help?
I reached up and removed the handle.
Don’t do this! my mind told me. This isn’t what you want.
Even my hands were slow to obey my command.
Just do it, I told myself. Then I’ll stop thinking about it. I’ll be better after this time.
I lowered the temperature and pressed the head between my legs. All strength left me and I fell against the wall, breath shuddering. I struggled to remain silent. I didn’t want my family to hear.
The end ripped through my body, causing me to spasm. Slowly, I put the shower head back where it belonged and dropped to the floor to recover. My body was shaking, both from the sudden intense contact and from the wave of cold that filled my body.
All I felt was sadness. No satisfaction had been gained. My lust was as insatiable as before.
All of my hard work for weeks, keeping my hands away from below my hips, had gone to waste.


Our aim is to rewire our brain and with every streak we are rewiring our brain , doesn’t matter if it’s a short or a long streak… But we have to be careful that after a relapse we don’t fall into binge relapsing as it will definitely kill all the benefits from previous streak… After the relapse , instead of being sad and depressed just listen to your favourite song or do some activity that you love and get back to nofap …


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