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Need advice

I am feeling like going back to PMO, when I get frustrated with something in life. Like if I get frustrated with my studies or some other things, I think this feeling like watching P.

Can any one suggest how to tackle such a situation?


Brother think about the aftermath of relapsing
Instead of PMO use meditation to relieve stress…
No matter what, it is not worth it to relapse…


Yaaaay .

I have to do that. Instead bravely facing the problem in life, am always trying to find relief in PMO. I am sure that once I stop that I will be rewiring much faster.


Im active, hey :joy:. .


You are active now.

Not in the past. That’s y you got eliminated.

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@Aragorn As someone who just relapsed recently brother, let me tell you that there’s no stress relief in PMO. Only misery and multiplied pain.

Whatever stressful situations we are going through in life, after every relapse, there’s the added stress of failing to show control over ourselves. Progress is wiped away. We have to pick ourselves up off the floor even harder to face life again.

I’ve learned that I need to deal with stress in a healthy way. Our brain isn’t able to speak to us, so it communicates in a different way. If we put our hands on a fire, we feel pain so we know to move our hands. Likewise, if we are in a situation that is causing us mental pain, our brain is trying to tell us that something needs to change. And PMO is definitely not the cure for that situation, it just adds more fuel to the fire.

Listen to soothing music, go for a run, relax and do something you enjoy, read a good book, speak to family and friends about what’s causing you stress. These can help ease the stress, but PMO always makes things worse.


Ok nah it’s ok :joy:.
Thanks though.
I’m mainly using this app to count days every now and then (and hit relapse if i do) as I find if I go on it too much, i get paranoid about relapsing and end up actually relapsing.


Thanks a lot for the support brother.

Your words really help.

It’s always feeling very bad when things don’t work in your ways in life. Be it studies, relationship etc. I have been through all that.

I am trying to find some healthy ways of facing my problems and stresses in life in a healthy way.



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Eliminated due to inactivity


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Ok so it’s been 10 days short 14 hours since last time I fapped.
~ No PMO
~ No Music (Spotify, Youtube, JOOX, even music from radio)
~ Limit Internet time to 1 hour per day (Educational purpose only)
~ No Movies
~ No Social Media
~ Only watching TV if all my family members are present and watching comedy show only.
~ Spend my time on productive things ( read books, exercise, study)

What I felt for the past few days was I got annoyed so easily over simple things. I got really angry with my friends jokes which usually I don’t. Good thing I still could control myself even though my face shows it all or else I will cut the friendship for like 5 years. And it’s not just on my friends jokes. I got annoyed in traffic, on my family, public places.
For the superpowers, I don’t think I’ve experienced it or not because I still in 10 days. But the women attraction is real guys. I experienced it myself when I was like in 3 or 4 months easy mode (just no fapping, still shitty lifestyle) on my previous streak.

I think that’s all for this week. I will try to post what I experienced in life on this thread per week just to show my activeness on this group :smiley:
Also, I do this hard mode not for women now, but for myself, and the world.:facepunch:

Change yourself, surely the world will change in your hands.

ps: Tell me if there is any incorrect grammar or anything ( I still learning). I will fix it soon.


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