NoFap Champion 2019 🏆



A small thanks to the ‘Rewire Community’


I’m in on day 8. This horrible addiction has ruined my life. By the end of 2019 with God’s help I’ll finally be free.


Friend I’m still able to finish the day 8 greetings and see for more


Hold on friends… Only one day left for January badge.


I do not how to put this up. Am right now one of the worst situations in my life. And PMO is the reason for it.

I am shattered right now in my life. My academics has gone low due to this bad habit. I tried multiple times in the past to quit. But again went back in to it. And when my friends are shining with their academic excellence, am far far behind. I really do not know what I have to do now.

Am I a failure in my life?

Can I come back to my once beautiful life?

I really do not know how to face my family now. Coz they have expected me to do good. And I failed only because of this bad habit. I wanted to be good and PMO is keep pulling me back.



I will announce the winners of January tomorrow morning.

And the new quest for medal for the month of February starts tomorrow, Feb 1



Eliminated due to inactivity



Update your streak with in 2 days


Congratulation winners for the month of January 2019.

A total 11 winners in January

You have been awarded the medal for your excellent work in the past 31 days.

@Aladdin @AnkitK @Edsheil27 @Abhi93 @M0stafaAE @Nayak @Madara_Uchiha @Crisss @ShivHanu @debue


I want see your name in February winners list.


First time I have seen the space in a username
How did it happen :joy:


His status is nice. :smiley:


It’s good to see 11 people completing january without PMO. This shows that in between all the hype of toughness of No Fap… Its not that tough. Its achievable… If 11 people can… So can others.


1st badge, 11 more… Then I’ll be able to fight the elite relaspe and claim my rightful place as the NOFAP Champion!!! .

I couldn’t resist


You will definitely see my name in February winners list my friend.

Its a promise i will never break


@AnkitK @ShivHanu @Aragorn
Please… add this sharing code 4f2fca
Remove it after adding ( @New #CHALLENGER )
Fir refresh karein aur dekhein kya ye hat rha hai ya nhi :joy:
@Taher Why this is not removing from my companion, after remove.and refresh then it’s automatically add in my companion


abrahamlincoln1 thomasjefferson1


Glad to be here. Long way to go brothers. :star2:


Probably because the app is having trouble with that weird username. I’ll check it out. Meanwhile just move it to the bottom.


Nahi hat raha…