NoFap Champion 2019 🏆



If you can’t remember,its better you don’t participate.

Rules are rules.

You will get removed if you don’t update for 10 days or more.



Eliminated due to inactivity



Alright, but thanks for your tolerance )


You can participate for next month’s medal if you can be sure about updating the scoreboard atleast once in 10 days.




Please update your streak asap



Eliminated due to inactivity


7 days completed after that relapse. I grow so fast😄


Very nice. Keep up bro! And NEVER GIVE UP!:+1:


There is next months badge that I cannot fail on also. I must not. :facepunch::fire:



Edit your entry in scoreboard following the format as other entries are made.

And stick to the rules of the group.



Tom Thanks vs Gay shit


… and then God shoots an anti-tank missile from your side, and then YOU win. :sunglasses:


A very important rule added to the competition.
Hope you all will cooperate.


I think the second changed rule is a bit harsh… Why he has to lose all the medals… There can be some periods in a 365 days time that a person would remain busy or couldn’t update his streak. Why to Rob him of hard earned badges.?



I will remove that rule then.



Immediately update your scoreboard with in two days.



Edit your scoreboard according to the format.You have not written your sharing code in the scoreboard


8 days
Sharing code cgl9k6


Edit your streak in the scoreboard yourself



What will you decide NOW?

This process is all about now.

NOW is the only moment we have in which to change our habits, improve our lives, stop fapping, to grow.

This morning I thought… "I’ll just fap today, and then I’ll start a new streak tomorrow."


Tomorrow never comes. Because it is always the endless NOW.

If I choose to fap now, then I am choosing a life of fapping. I am choosing misery, poverty, shame, disconnection and weakness.

If I choose not to fap now, then I am choosing a clean life. I am choosing joy, riches, self-assuredness, connection and strength.

I make each decision NOW, and my life moves slowly but surely in the direction of those decisions.

It doesn’t matter how small those decisions are, they all have an impact. And they must all be made NOW.