No Masterbation March(NMM) (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Hello dear nofappers!
We have created this challenge to help you abstain PMO for a whole month of March.March has 31 days,so the main objective of this challenge would be to add a total of 31 days to your existing nofap streak.

Rules of the challenge:-
1.As the name of this challenge suggests, masterbating is prohibited and will count as a permanent disqualification from the challenge.
2.Peeking,nightfall and anything other than ejaculation will not count as a relapse.(But don’t do it cuz it’s harmful!)
3.The challenge is starting from 1 March and will end on 1st April.So
We need only 15-20 SERIOUS participants for this 1 month challenge. Daily check-in is required so that we can make changes in the challenge statistics.

Interested participants can add themselves in this challenge by replying to this message by sharing their name,current streak and sharing code.

All the best !

My sharing code-1xi2ry


Count me in, my sharing code is 2hc7qc

Alright :+1:
All the best.

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Up for it.

My code gyabe0

Name: Vicky

Add me in this
Sharing code: olnbmu
Current streak: 8 days

Okay :+1:
All the best.

Alright brother.
All the best


Name - Vikas
Cs - 6
Sc - yxibdr

Okay dude.:+1:
All the best.

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Add me bro
CS 2 days

Alright :+1:.added your name .
All the best!

Name: Bilal_M
Code: d86h0g
CS: Day 0

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Good job @Paarth369 bro…we can really see the light in the darkest tunnel…a ray of hope is emerging.
Below are my details, pls add me bro:

CS : Day 0


My pleasure!!
Added your name dude.
All the best.

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All the best bro.

Sharing code-chnvsc
Please add me bro

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Your name has been added successfully.
Please wait for 1 March,we will share the participants list soon.
All the best.

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Ok i will definitely finish this challenge and be serious this time


Count me in my name is Muhammad Izaz Siddiqi my sharing code is iifcf9


I really liked your confidence bro, i can feel the spirit…keep it up, we can make it this time bro…all the best.

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