10 days no peeking challenge 💯 (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Alright :+1:
Come back stronger.

Sorry brother

It’s weird to see that almost 50 percent of people relapsed today.

Okay brother.
Do well next time cuz a new challenge is coming soon.



You guys can join this 31 days challenge.


Requested to join bro :+1::+1:

I wanna to be in it but how can i know my code ?

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Be in this challenge?
Entries are already closed for this challenge.
But are you talking about No Masterbation March challenge or this one?

Statistics for day-3.

Take me in for the no fap March challenge. And I’ll not lose this time

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And you can join from that page,daily check in from there.

Participants list will be provided soon.

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Check in.
all good :pray: Still fighting.

For day-4.

Lets fight to finish this just fewer days challenge

For day- 5

Im out bro :expressionless:…i lost i cant control my body over mind

All the best for the rest of your journey :+1:.

Sorry to say you guys but today,i watched some asmr videos and got turned on by seeing them which means that i failed in this STRICT challenge but my streak goes on like it was going before.(no fapping).
So only 4 days are left for this challenge to end,so i hope that all those participants who are left will win this no peeking challenge.
Good luck,i will update here daily as i used to do before,so don’t think the challenge had been aborted!!

Statistics for day-7.

Congratulations athman on being the last surviving participant!!!
Just 3 days left and you will win so,don’t relapse!!
Btw you already won @Athman bro