10 days no peeking challenge 💯 (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Rules of this 10 day challenge are simple:-
1.The participants are prohibited to peek,even a picture that gives slightest of urge (like a girl hugging someone,a girl in bik*ni,kissing pics or even pic of a beautiful girl).As always,they must not masterbate,but the main point of this challenge is to help those who suffer from peeking (or seeing some triggering pics or videos for sometime intentionally without fapping on them).

2.If you happen to see something triggering while watching movies like a kissing scene or a scene having girls in short clothes,then you must either skip that scene or close your eyes and not watch it.

3.This is a strict challenge where even seeing a single intimate or hot picture for couple of seconds can get you out of the challenge.
In other words,the participants are PROHIBITED from turning themselved on by seeing something on their devices,natural sex drives are okay like when you see a girl (not on phone) or get some sexual thoughts or thoughts about your crush or things like that.

The challenge starts from 25 February and ends at 7 March,2022.

Anyone who is interested in this challenge can join by replying this message by sending there name,current streak and sharing code.

All the best and remember that even a single picture (like a kissing pic and so on) seen intentionally which makes you turned on will MAKE YOU OUT OF THIS 10 DAYS CHALLENGE!

Last day of entry- 24 February,2022


Is this open??
My sc j2kff5

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Yes brother it’s open
All the best My sharing code-9zc18b

Your name has been added to the participants list,we will update that list shortly.
All the best!

9sc6gf my sharing code. Add me please

fv39jh I’m in. I’ll try my best

Your name has been added successfully,All the best.

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All the best :grin:.
Your name has been added,we will update the participants list shortly.

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Brother, what’s ur current streak?

0 days. I am alone and doing fap in every 10 hours from the last week. Now no more peeks

Been relapsing several times
Havent reached more than 10 days in last two months
So i want to to do this
Sharing code : dwzg0l

Skvanshi,curent streak 3 ,sharing code=3v5l5b

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Okay bro I’m adding you!

Total participants- 6
Entries closed now and challenge begins from tomorrow.
Good luck to all!


It’s showing invalid sharing code.

Dear bro, can you add me also please…am on day 0…need some motivation to make it atleast 10 days.
If you allow me as well, here is my Sharing code : i107b0

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Okay :grin::grin:
You are added.
All the best!

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Participants are requested to check in daily about their streak here,so that we can make changes daily.

Check in - 25th Feb…DAY 0
All good…glory to God

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