10 days no peeking challenge πŸ’― (ENTRIES CLOSED)

Requested to join bro :+1::+1:

I wanna to be in it but how can i know my code ?

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Be in this challenge?
Entries are already closed for this challenge.
But are you talking about No Masterbation March challenge or this one?

Statistics for day-3.

Take me in for the no fap March challenge. And I’ll not lose this time

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And you can join from that page,daily check in from there.

Participants list will be provided soon.

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Check in.
all good :pray: Still fighting.

For day-4.

Lets fight to finish this just fewer days challenge

For day- 5

Im out bro :expressionless:…i lost i cant control my body over mind

All the best for the rest of your journey :+1:.

Sorry to say you guys but today,i watched some asmr videos and got turned on by seeing them which means that i failed in this STRICT challenge but my streak goes on like it was going before.(no fapping).
So only 4 days are left for this challenge to end,so i hope that all those participants who are left will win this no peeking challenge.
Good luck,i will update here daily as i used to do before,so don’t think the challenge had been aborted!!

Statistics for day-7.

Congratulations athman on being the last surviving participant!!!
Just 3 days left and you will win so,don’t relapse!!
Btw you already won @Athman bro


Hats off to you, you are our Admin and leader.
But i would like to give some suggestion.
I think for now we should restart again this challenge, no need to wait for those 3 days.
Start compaigning for people join this challenge again. Then we start as soon as possible.

Hats off to you for this idea and as usual we should keep continue with that monthly nofap challenge as usual while companing with this 10days no peekingchallenge. these small small challenges are great, they do motivate us.
I remember i joined that challenge of last man standing in 2022, i failed, i fapped in less than two weeks :grinning::disappointed_relieved:.

So man, restart this one. And that monthly one should be every month.


Soon we will restart this challenge!!
Congratulations and all the best man. :100::+1::+1:

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Can we try another challenge for day wise ,first short term with some ,then a week ,then month,with every day with condition

Soon :wink: everyone will be informed!!

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This is great, let’s start with first 10 days then.

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