Navy Seal Training Challenge -Target 90 days-

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November 25
Today I just relaxed and completeled my task and had no urges today. Tomorrow I will plan out my new challenges and plan out my future. Hope all of you are having a good day


You did your best thats important.

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Today’s Video

Today’s Task


Willpower is very important for dealing with Urges. Hence things that affect willpower must be focused on. Today’s task is to evaluate the following factors that affect willpower and plan to maximize their contribution in boosting it.

Sleep at least 7 hours.
( I know 6 hours is minimum but 7 hours is highly recommended for our brains that are rewiring)

Adequate time for relaxation
( at least 1 hour daily to relax ie chat with friends, go for a walk, take a midday nap, meditate, give time to favorite hobby)

Moderate Stress and workload
( evaluate your workload. It must not be overburdening beyond your capacities. Stress in moderation is healthy and constructive. But if it’s too much, that will drain your willpower. DO WHAT’S NECESSARY AND PRIORITY. LEAVE ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T CONCERN YOU. DON’T WASTE TIME IN MEANINGLESS TASKS AND CHITCHATS)

( at least 30 min recommended everyday. It releases serotonin. Stabilizes mood. Keeps mind and body healthy)

Mindfullness Meditation

Share other factors that boost/deplete willpower


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I laughed I cried and I shared.


We should leave our power to december. Because if we don’t urges might get really strong that we will fail in the start.

Just some days till december and there we can fight like legends.


Daily Tasks
Meditation ::x:
Watched motivational video ::white_check_mark:
Exercise 45 minutes ::white_check_mark:
Study/ Worked today ::white_check_mark:
No triggers from screen ::white_check_mark:
Prayers: 3/5
No Junk foods: :white_check_mark:
Current streak: 1 Day
Feeling better than yesterday.


Just sharing…to complete our 3 childhood heroes. :joy: . Superman Spiderman and Batman :fire:


Day 17 Daily check-in :ledger:

:white_check_mark: Slept on the floor
:x: Wake up early (woke up at 6am :clock6:)
:white_check_mark: Cold shower
:x: Push ups
:white_check_mark: Affirmations
:x: Hand stand
:x: Visualization
:x: Meditation 7 chakras
:green_circle: Went to gym
:white_check_mark: Bench press 20kg x10 reps
:white_check_mark: Bench press 25kg x30 rep
:white_check_mark: Bench press 24kg x10 reps
:white_check_mark: Dips x15 reps
:white_check_mark: Pull ups x13 reps
:white_check_mark: Pectoral fly 14kg x47 reps
:white_check_mark: Tricep extension 32kg x40 reps
:white_check_mark: Abdominal 18kg x75 reps
:white_check_mark: Arm curl 18kg x15 reps
:white_check_mark: Arm curl 14kg x13 reps
:white_check_mark: Arm curl 9kg x7 reps
:white_check_mark: Back extension 11kg x10 reps
:white_check_mark: Back extension 18kg x30 reps
:white_check_mark: Abdominal crunch 23kg x75 reps
:white_check_mark: Hip adduction 11kg x10 reps
:white_check_mark: Hip adduction 18kg x40 reps
:white_check_mark: Rotary torso right 14kg x30 reps
:white_check_mark: Rotary torso left 14kg x30 reps
:white_check_mark: Lateral pull 25kg x45 reps
:white_check_mark: Chest press 18kg x40 reps


Hello my brother’s first thanks for all support do this nofap challenge as I am going to married my nofap streak is going to end soon. This journey i can’t forget in my whole life. Thanks to @ nevergiveup420 for introducing this wonderful training to this community. Hope you all complete 90 days training successfully. I will be keep following this forum till it ends. Message to me anytime. Special thanks to my brother’s who liked and motivated me .


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Early 4 days before DDD. No fap.


Max: 15 days.


Check in Day 23

“People never change because they are under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living”

-Robert Downey Jr
:sunny: This is a message to my future self. You were right. You did it. You have broken free. You are truly free now. Fly high oh my best version. Fly high :key::100::innocent::sunny:


Need consistency in fasting and positive perspective at all times.

Tips of the Day again(same, need to practice)

Your mind is a great liar and deceiver. It always says: “that is too difficult. This is too much for you. You can’t do this. This is getting difficult. Things will get worse with time. I’m losing my willpower. I’m at my limits etc” Shut the mind up by doing what it says you can’t.

Push yourself everyday. Your mind should obey you. You are the master. Not the other way around. It’s been so long you played the role of servant that you have forgotten how to be a master. Don’t procastinate anything for even a second. Just do it forcefully whether you like it or not. True freedom lies in the other side of pain and hardship. Fight with your own self. Conquer yourself. Be free.

Keep a positive perspective when flatline, demotivation or Urges hit.

Break big task into smaller tasks if you lack motivation to start working. This really works.

Learn to surf the urge. Any and all Urges. Observe first. Then think. Then react. Be self aware.

While working had, say to yourself you love it. Soon it will be rewarding working hard by associating dopamine with effort and not just end result / reward.

Wake up at same time, go out in sunlight for 10 min, drink coffee after 90 mins.

If you lack focus, don’t drying tea… Just take deep breaths 23 to 30 with 2 sec deep inhales and short exhales and then exhale all your air… Then hold your breath for 40 sec.

At end of the day, relive your day and analyze where you wasted your time, your mistakes and make a plan to improve on them tomorrow. Do this daily. And soon you will surprise even yourself at the progress.

Daily Tasks

Fasting from Fajr till maghrib ( 5am till 5 pm) :x:
Positive Perspective :white_check_mark:
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Watched motivational video :white_check_mark:
Quran Translation :white_check_mark:
Cold shower :white_check_mark:
Pushed myself today :x:
Study/ Worked today :white_check_mark:
2 naps 15 +20 mins :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
No triggers from screen :white_check_mark:
Daily task :white_check_mark:
Namaz :white_check_mark: 5 in masjid
Diet Control :x:


Day 14 completed :saluting_face:
No comments as there weren’t any urges
To the next Day :fire::pray:


All love brother keep it up🙏 I’m a Christian but I respect your people’s religion. Alahamduillah👍