Navy Seal Training Challenge -Target 90 days-

Daily Tasks
Meditation ::x:
Watched motivational video ::white_check_mark:
Exercise 45 minutes ::x:
Study/ Worked today ::white_check_mark:
No triggers from screen ::white_check_mark:
Prayers: 3/5
No Junk foods: :white_check_mark:
Current streak: 20 hours approximately
No Urges but feeling demotivated and low.

  1. The pleasure that masterbation gives you is FAKE and TEMPORARY.

  2. You are considered ADDICTED just like us so it is normal to have hard days.

  3. You are in a real fight with your brain now.

  4. Well you let your brain control you ? You are the one who is meant to control everything in your body.

  5. Your body now needs pleasure by watching porn and masterbation as it gives you high dopamine and your brain is the lover of dopamine.

  6. You need to be aware every second and very very careful.

  7. You can make up for this dopamine by doing other things that will make you happy and give you the dopamine that you want but remember these things should be beneficial to you not harmful.

  8. The dopamine that you get from porn is very very harmful to your brain as it damages the gray matter in your brain and THIS is very SERIOUS.

  9. You should arm yourself and prepare to fight by reading about porn and its effects on you as it is said " to fight your enemy you must know and identify him "

  10. I advise you to read " Your brain under the effect of pornograhy" at least 5 pages per a day.

  11. Believe me it will benefit you a lot.

  12. We are here brother are FAMILY so anytime you need to talk we will ALWAYS be here listening to you.


In shaa Allah we will break this addiction together


@VAGABOND OOL (out of likes) :blue_heart:

it’s beginning to get harder now I’m forced to quit my good habits and focus on studying cause my exams are near so urges are 24hrs/24hrs does somebody have any suggestions?


In this case , you need to lock all the electronics in your environment
As it is SERIOUS

That’s already taken care of, I don’t even have a Google on my device :joy::joy:
You see I am having urges to Masturbate without watching P


Well that’s what you need to fight lol.

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@Binocular @MrBaller @NeverGiveup420 @roshan2304 @rajameghanan @The_integrous_one @andythepro65 @Ash_Matt @The_wild_perception
Watch this video
Motivation level +100
Spoiler alert GOT :fire::zipper_mouth_face:


That’s the video that led me to join this community. Thanks to this video I am here guys


Oh i am surprised
It really motivated me so much that i shared it here with you
But to know that you already watched it makes me more happy and motivated :white_heart:


No fap journey continues for 12 days going to unlock new badges :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Ah I watched this months ago when it first came out, It also motivated me to reach 1 week streak for the first time. Thank you for bringing it back :smile:


Me too watched this video and find the link to join this amazing community


Check in Day 22

“People never change because they are under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living”

-Robert Downey Jr
:sunny: This is a message to my future self. You were right. You did it. You have broken free. You are truly free now. Fly high oh my best version. Fly high :key::100::innocent::sunny:


Need consistency in fasting and positive perspective at all times.

Tips of the Day again(same, need to practice)

Your mind is a great liar and deceiver. It always says: “that is too difficult. This is too much for you. You can’t do this. This is getting difficult. Things will get worse with time. I’m losing my willpower. I’m at my limits etc” Shut the mind up by doing what it says you can’t.

Push yourself everyday. Your mind should obey you. You are the master. Not the other way around. It’s been so long you played the role of servant that you have forgotten how to be a master. Don’t procastinate anything for even a second. Just do it forcefully whether you like it or not. True freedom lies in the other side of pain and hardship. Fight with your own self. Conquer yourself. Be free.

Keep a positive perspective when flatline, demotivation or Urges hit.

Break big task into smaller tasks if you lack motivation to start working. This really works.

Learn to surf the urge. Any and all Urges. Observe first. Then think. Then react. Be self aware.

While working had, say to yourself you love it. Soon it will be rewarding working hard by associating dopamine with effort and not just end result / reward.

Wake up at same time, go out in sunlight for 10 min, drink coffee after 90 mins.

If you lack focus, don’t drying tea… Just take deep breaths 23 to 30 with 2 sec deep inhales and short exhales and then exhale all your air… Then hold your breath for 40 sec.

At end of the day, relive your day and analyze where you wasted your time, your mistakes and make a plan to improve on them tomorrow. Do this daily. And soon you will surprise even yourself at the progress.

Daily Tasks

Fasting from Fajr till maghrib ( 5am till 5 pm) :x:
Positive Perspective :white_check_mark:
Meditation :x:
Watched motivational video :white_check_mark:
Quran Translation :white_check_mark:
Cold shower :white_check_mark:
Pushed myself today :white_check_mark:
Study/ Worked today :white_check_mark:
2 naps 15 +16 mins :white_check_mark:
Exercise :x:
No triggers from screen :white_check_mark:
Daily task :white_check_mark:
Namaz :white_check_mark: 5 in masjid
Diet Control :x:


@NeverGiveup420 I just realized that if I never relapse again I will celebrate my birthday with a 90 days streak :hugs:

Day 2 :ballot_box_with_check:


You are in day 2 of no fap ?

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Day 13 completed :fire::pray:
No urges at all “for now” :mending_heart:
Let’s go directly to the next day without wasting time


Yes I am but you see, that’s just the biginning :smirk_cat:

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Behold the 600th reply:


Stay strong bro
We believe in you :saluting_face: