Navy Seal Training Challenge -Target 90 days-

Day 1 Done :white_check_mark: Keep going


Yeah you were right @roshan2304 I guess you are not consistent after all :lying_face::joy:


I think it will be harder from now on
So you should be more aware and careful more than before
You don’t wanna lose all the effort you exerted fighting this addiction
So be stronger brother
We will always be here listening to you as if we were a family :hugs::heart:


Day 11
And the journey still going on
I didn’t have any urges but just in case i will be more aware and careful as i am feeling terrified right now
As i think it’s the calmness that comes before the storm
I don’t wanna be pessimistic but i am tired as many times i failed this challenge
And from the repeated losses of mine i learned one thing never think you are safe from urges
They are like the devils that wait for the right moment to attack you when your mind is not aware
So just in case try to be more aware by reading about the DANGER of this addiction and also try to be motivated so that your brain stay controlled by you and don’t ever never let the desire control you and i thank all the people here especially @Binocular and @NeverGiveup420 as i considered them members of my family and i am proud of that :hugs::heart::muscle:


Meditation :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Journaling :white_check_mark:
Practicing religion :white_check_mark:
Triggeres from screen❎
Hydrated :white_check_mark:
Today was a beautiful day. I spent most of my day outside and the last time I use to do that is when I was little. I went in the woods with my best friend who is in town we explored and found the true beauty in life. I took some very amazing and awesome photos. I had no thoughts or urges of sex today and only thought. I want to do this again. We also were hunting for wild animals lol. Life is not always about comfort and relaxation. Looking for the meaning is better for the brain. The meaning of today was nature.


Today’s Video - this gives me goosebumps :fire::triumph:


Make a mantra or positive self talk phrases/sentences that you will use in future when the urges hit. That mantra must make you regain vision of reality, give you hope and courage to surf the urges without reacting, maintain a positive perspective and make your mind unbreakable.

My mantra is : No urge is strong enough and no feeling bad enough to make me doubt my potential and change my positive perspective of any situation. I will outlast my Urges and pain, I will succeed. So my dear servant mind, shut the hell up and do as I say otherwise I will punish you.

Post your mantra so others can benefit from it. ( adopt it or update their’s)


I Will reply later. I’m occupied right now.


That’s sweet man :blue_heart::rainbow: I wish you a pure life away from the germs of PMO


Day 15 Daily check-in :ledger:

:white_check_mark: Slept :sleeping: on the floor :bed:
:x: Wake up early (woke up at 5:30 :clock530:)
:white_check_mark: Cold shower :droplet::snowflake: :shower:
:white_check_mark: Hand stand 5 seconds :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Pull ups x8 reps :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Affirmations :pray:
:x: Visualization :pray:
:white_check_mark: Meditation 7 chakras :man_in_lotus_position:
:x: Push ups


Day 12 completed :fire::fire:
No comments :zipper_mouth_face:
Just to the next day :running_man:


Start again.

Thanksgiving day.

It’s thanksgiving day. In this same day I will stop all the problems that might make me to feel better.

After such a bad day, I haven’t given up and will never do.

Happy thanksgiving guys.


November 24
Meditation :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Natural sunlight :white_check_mark:
Hydrated :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Clean eating :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Triggeres from screen :white_check_mark:
Today was thanks giving and I pigged up and spend lots of time with family today. Seeing my family grow is such a beautiful thing today. Sadly I got urges and starting surfing and I felt awful. I resisted and got off thinking to myself why? I had failed the NNN challenge but the war no. I’m not gonna quit and I must resist edging and going on the internet.


Please Add Me

Sc yxibdr

Hs - 61

Cs- 1


Plz bro help me ,I’m on day 18 now ,I’m depressed and less Libido for the last 3 days ,what should I do ,I don’t enjoy life the way I use to enjoy these 18 days ,some days were very good ,I was very motivated,but some days came I’m not motivated and depressed :pensive:

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@wool @dr.vikas welcome aboard soldiers. Let’s make each day count while surfing Urges if they arise and completing our to do lists.
Don’t forget to do daily tasks and check in daily.


You are right. I will be more careful.

Wow… Thanks alot bro… That’s very heartwarming and motivational. :blush::fire::heart:
Let’s improve and achieve freedom together. :sparkles:


Day 16 Daily check-in

:white_check_mark: Slept :sleeping: on the floor :bed:
:x: Wake up early (woke up at 5:30am) :clock530:
:white_check_mark: Cold shower :droplet::snowflake: :shower:
:white_check_mark: Push ups x115 reps :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Pull ups x10 reps :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Hand stand 33 seconds :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Affirmations :pray:
:white_check_mark: Meditation 7 chakras :man_in_lotus_position:
:white_check_mark: Visualization :pray:
:white_check_mark: Dips x25 reps :muscle:
:white_check_mark: Belly crunches x100 reps :muscle:


Today’s Video

Today’s Task

Relax. Enjoy good company. It’s better to take a break if you are studying continuously for days otherwise you will burnout. Don’t confuse relaxing with going berserk on internet and triggers. Avoid triggers. Just slow down. Breath. Enjoy good food, good friends and good talk. Do what you like in spare time. Peace.


Late Check in Day 21

“It does’nt matter who we are. What matters is our plan”


:sunny: This is a message to my future self. You were right. You did it. You have broken free. You are truly free now. Fly high oh my best version. Fly high :key::100::innocent::sunny:


Need consistency in fasting and positive perspective at all times.

Tips of the Day again(same, need to practice)

Your mind is a great liar and deceiver. It always says: “that is too difficult. This is too much for you. You can’t do this. This is getting difficult. Things will get worse with time. I’m losing my willpower. I’m at my limits etc” Shut the mind up by doing what it says you can’t.

Push yourself everyday. Your mind should obey you. You are the master. Not the other way around. It’s been so long you played the role of servant that you have forgotten how to be a master. Don’t procastinate anything for even a second. Just do it forcefully whether you like it or not. True freedom lies in the other side of pain and hardship. Fight with your own self. Conquer yourself. Be free.

Keep a positive perspective when flatline, demotivation or Urges hit.

Break big task into smaller tasks if you lack motivation to start working. This really works.

Learn to surf the urge. Any and all Urges. Observe first. Then think. Then react. Be self aware.

While working had, say to yourself you love it. Soon it will be rewarding working hard by associating dopamine with effort and not just end result / reward.

Wake up at same time, go out in sunlight for 10 min, drink coffee after 90 mins.

If you lack focus, don’t drying tea… Just take deep breaths 23 to 30 with 2 sec deep inhales and short exhales and then exhale all your air… Then hold your breath for 40 sec.

At end of the day, relive your day and analyze where you wasted your time, your mistakes and make a plan to improve on them tomorrow. Do this daily. And soon you will surprise even yourself at the progress.

Daily Tasks

Fasting from Fajr till maghrib ( 5am till 5 pm) :white_check_mark:
Positive Perspective :white_check_mark:
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Watched motivational video :white_check_mark:
Quran Translation :white_check_mark:
Cold shower :white_check_mark:
Pushed myself today :white_check_mark:
Study/ Worked today :white_check_mark:
nap 35 mins :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark: strength training
No triggers from screen :white_check_mark:
Daily task :white_check_mark:
Namaz :white_check_mark: 5 in masjid
Diet Control :white_check_mark:


Yesterday I again had serious Urges to break my promise and indulge in movies. But somehow I survived the day. The problem is, why the hell are those Urges coming? Perhaps due to old habit patterns of stress and movie binging. It would take serious commitment to keep this promise.