League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ๐ŸŽฉ

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen :tophat:

Noblesse Oblige

Brothers, Sisters, Gentlefolk of all shapes and sizes!

At some point in life of this community the League of Gentlemen used to be one of the most active threads, gathering plenty of us and helping us push through. I used it myself - I reported daily for 18 days in order to get into its ranks, and then I continued on to a month, a season, almost a year. First it was the group that helped me. Then, I wanted to help the group and keep it up.

Thus, as I reach my 18th day as a gentleman, I want to reinstate this challenge as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

We will start with a simple rule (ammended due to a possible misunderstandings) - You start at 0, no matter what is your CS. You keep on reporting for 18 days and go back to 0 if you relapse. However, if you succeed to keep up from 0 to 18, you can count yourself among the Extraordinary Gentlemen. From that point on, Your actual streak goes to the leaderboard, not the reported time.

Maybe this will grow back, maybe it will stay small - but let us keep this not as a challenge per se, but as a group of support - anyone who wants to become a gentleman can come here and seek help from those who already got there. And those who are among the Extraordinary Gentlemen Can keep on going, bringing support by leading the way and paving the path.

Whoโ€™s with me?

Gentleman Codex

  1. Every body has a person inside. This very person deserves recognition and dignity. Keep this in mind!
  2. Every day may be your last - so live it the way you would like to leave this life!
  3. Growth needs humility - you start to learn after you admit you donโ€™t know what to do.
  4. Every second is precious - so make use of as many as you can! But donโ€™t beat yourself if you wonโ€™t - nobody every did.
  5. Find your principles. Try your best to follow them. If you fail to do so, you loose a fight, but by not having them you loose the war.
  6. Be honest. You may fool everybody, even yourself - but if you fool yourself, whoโ€™s left to tell the truth?
  7. Keep on trying. If you fail, get up, learn from your mistake and grow stronger.
  8. Life is not a series of 100-meter dashes. It is a journey, so treat it as such.


  1. When you first come here, youโ€™re a candidate at reporting Day 0. It doesnโ€™t matter what is your Current Streak. Despite this, you should share your Sharing Code with us.
  2. For 18 days you should report daily your progress. If you relapse, you start over - but it doesnโ€™t keep you from coming back!
  3. A person who reports in Day 18 is counted among the Gentlemen.
  4. If you skip more than 7 days (a week) of reporting, you are out. It doesnโ€™t mean you cannot come back!
  5. After becoming a Gentlemen instead of reported days your Current streak counts to the leaderboard.
  6. A Gentleman may still gain trophy for 30 days (:necktie:), 60 days (:trophy:) and 90 days (:gem:).
  7. Every Gentlemen is encouraged to take up a self-growth goal or habit, which he can tell us about to provide motivation for the candidates.

Founding Fathers

Historic Founder Keats
Current Founder someBody13


Nick Streak Sharing code
Duran :mantelpiece_clock: :gem: :trophy: :necktie: 120 tek0hi
Wolfenstein :gem: :trophy: :necktie: 105 5k18q9
basanaruga :trophy: :necktie: 79 9q46nf
someBody13 :mantelpiece_clock: :necktie: 38 3c4rhx
Keats :mantelpiece_clock: :necktie: 32 09n80b


Nick Days reported Sharing code
CoffeeMan 9 33ff84
gabrielknight 8
Dhai 6
juanluis.murope 6 53a8bc
solr4c 5 z9mt1
Swapnil 5 vovxiq
TeaRo 5 7th3yq
Cleansing1999 4 a5e9p8
dyaakov 4 sykr8a
Shining_Fate 3 8mkmij
Stoic_man 3 40a710
@bravewarrior2001 1
aditya231 0 zhm5yp
saljunas46 0
The_Learner 0 6jvsbc

Habit Club

Open for everybody!
A good habit cannot hurt, and self-improvement efforts can improve oneโ€™s well-being and, therefore, reinforce good self-image.

If you want to enroll, I need two things:

  • A short name for the habit to be tracked
  • Date when you started
  • A bit of description concerning details of the habit

In this part of our group I donโ€™t ask you for daily report, but youโ€™re welcome to include it with daily report. I will be updating the streaks here as often as I manage. This way, we have a list of good habits that may be followed and taken up by anybody :slight_smile:
If you want to have your streak reset here, you should let us know on the board!

Nick Days of habit Habit Started onโ€ฆ
someBody13 :mantelpiece_clock: 4 Morning workouts 28.08.2023
4 Meditation 29.08.2023
23 Journaling 06.09.2023
Duran :mantelpiece_clock: 33 Healthy lifestyle 28.08.2023
33 Mindful habits 28.08.2023
lost90 33 Gym session 28.08.2023
Cleansing1999 5 Daily meditation 28.08.2023
5 Reading self-improvement book 28.08.2023
aditya231 39 Cycling daily 17.08.2023
CoffeeMan 172 Spanish 11.04.2023
4 Workout 28.08.2023
Keats :mantelpiece_clock: 32 Workout 29.08.2023
Wolfenstein 28 Morning run 02.09.2023
28 Cold shower 02.09.2023
28 Mewing 02.09.2023
27 Hunting 03.09.2023
27 Hydration 03.09.2023

Count me in โ€“ t95a0r

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Count on me - sykr8a

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Count me in
SC : thzmo5
Day 0/18 check :white_check_mark:

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I want to participate in this challange


Ok everybody, so far so good! @AlexBros733, @dyaakov, @ayushbantaiji, @TheSeeker, consider yourselves in the challenge! Iโ€™m looking forward to all of you becoming Gentlemen!

@TheSeeker, apparently everybody gives their sharing code, so I would ask you to do the same :wink:


Sharing code : 1b0zln
Current streak : Sadly 0


Count me in
Sharing code - s5ztpz


This is my first challenge so i am really excited. Wanna fast forward to the future to see many gentlemen conquering their struggle


Count me in
Sharing code yi22qo


Good morning future Gentlemen!

Let me kick-start or league by reporting Day 1! Iโ€™m 3 short film increasing my streak, but thatโ€™s irrelevant.

Since itโ€™s a new challenge, not just recreation of the old one, feel free to suggest changes, extensions, etc. :wink:


I had the opportunity to participate in that challenge and it helped me learn a lot. It was a great community, thankfully a lot of them left behind pmo long ago. I had a 99 days streak while I was there.

Itโ€™s a great thing that you try to bring it back! All the best in it for you! Hope it helps a lot of people this time too.


Reporting day 1 too. What better than friday for keep on focus on task that i have done what im about to do next week and have a good relax with my family this weekend.


Day 1
Check in :white_check_mark:
Feels great to see few coming here after so longโ€ฆ


I would like to be a part of this league.
Sharing code - 33ff84
Current Streak - 1 day


Day 1 one in League of Extraordinary Gentleman


Add me bro @someBody13

Sharing code : yhpym5
Current streak : 0 :pensive:


I just relapsed guys

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I had the strongest urges today brother. So I just left the house. It helped me temporarily. Now Iโ€™m back home. Iโ€™m still struggling. But Iโ€™m not giving up today. I know I will relapse sooner or later but Iโ€™m gonna try to put as much space as possible between my relapses for now.

Two things that are indispensable if you want to get rid of this addiction are Purpose and Action.
Most modern day men lack this. Our lives have been too comfortable and free of responsibility because of which we fell down this abyss. Take responsibility.


Daily check in :white_check_mark:

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