Last Person Standing Match βš” [Finished]

So i had my first wet dream last night in years. The odd thing is there was no dream. I woke up and was wet. There is definitely a difference with this and your body. I used to notice that after you masturbate/have sex, the next time you urinate you release a substance into your urine that you can see. When i went to the bathroom this morning there wasnt any of that subtance that im used to seeing. I also feel fine. No guilt because it was involuntary. Wanted to share.


streak updated, feelin good

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Forgive me guys. I relapsed. Kick me out from this Match @AnkitK
I learnt from my mistake. I am restarting my journey again.

Today I’ve completed 7 days :grinning:
i know… When I reach 100 days then I’ll feel this comment like a joke

But now I’m very happy at 7 days complete :fries: :fries:


Hang in there buddy. You did it once. You can do it again.


@Nayak moved to gladiators arena :crossed_swords::crossed_swords:


Guys i relapsed.
I was alone home on my pc.An ad triggered me and my heart started to beat very fast.I gave in the temptation knowing that i will regret it afterwards.
I thought that i had win the war with my head.But i was wrong the devil wont leave me so easily.
Drop me back to the gladiators arena.

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Today in morning, I masturbated like after 150+ days. My mind convinced me to restart my NoFap journey. After quitting this group, I had no target. My mind fucked me over. I request bright people like @AnkitK and others to make a similar group where people like me can have a target to achieve. I am feeling very bad.

Hi @AnkitK, I have updated my streak again. I got swamped last week. Thank you!

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There is a group named Soft hearted Nofappers. You should join it. @amitkum689 You were going well. It’s a bad news for us that you relapsed.

I didn’t know that groups can make so much difference. It’s good to be a part of some.


Today i’ve complete 10 days easily

I’m feel better no urge/no trigger/no bad thoughts
But i don’t know why…, when i reach 30 days why my thoughts change
The number of my thoughts increases
I feel warm in my backbone
and i feel some energy/Strength
:pray: Hope this time God will help me :pray:


You acheived great things once. You can do it again my friend. Remenber you are a legend around here. Keeping going.


To live is to die


4 days and then, 150


:warning::warning: @Rockstaa @MrXYZ please update your streaks within a day.

Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign:


@AnkitK remove me from this group I am restarting my journey

Elimination 5

@pandabearz (binged, maybe)

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