Last Person Standing Match ⚔ [Finished]

@amitkum689 moved to gladiators arena :shield::shield:

no p or m, just regular stuff :couple:

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updated my streak …

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Lets go everybody! Stay strong. Spring is less than a month away here in the USA. If we can stay pure in the winter we can in all seasons.


Is any place available yet?

No, sorry :expressionless:
These people @amitkum689 and @BruceLee have delayed the end of the match. Also, you will not be able to enter part two because there will be no entry for people above 90 day streaks. I am very sorry @weir :pray:

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No problem dear, I just love the concept of this thread

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@BruceLee fell into the pit of slaves :chains::chains:

Like every time, he fell into the pit of slaves just before crossing the pangs of gladiators arena. As a result, the closing ceremony of this match got delayed further. How did you relapse this time? @BruceLee

Why this 90 days rule brother… A 90+ streak person is equally likely to relapse like a 50 or a 60 days streak person.

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Okay, you tell me what should be the limit. It is generally seen that people with high streaks delay the results too far away and most of them have actually rebooted.

According to me … It should not be open ended… Open it for 3 months or so… Who all survive will win.
But then it’s ur group to manage and I will go by ur decision.

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Okay, we will do it like this. @weir you can participate but I do not know when it will start.


I want to report something. I have officially shifted to Soft Mode from Hard Mode, which means that I am not eligible for this competition. So, I would like to respectfully leave from this competition. Please don’t consider this as a relapse as it is not. If it something, it is moving forward in life. I had a great time here, thanks for helping me defeating the porn and masturbation addiction. I am one of the oldest members of this group and never once I relapsed since I joined this group.



@amitkum689 I think you should also consider taking this step otherwise you will keep oscillating between gods and gladiators arena.


“Every act of beauty is a revolt against the modern world”

@tmeidan93 promoted to gods arena



Okay bro! Remove me from this group. This group helped me a lot. I am very thankful to all you guys. My best wishes.


Okay bro! You were a pro member of this group. Best of luck!

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:warning::warning::warning: @ysung @iwillsucceed1 @MrXYZ please update your streaks within 2 days.

60 days no pmo.
I can’t believe that i made it so far.
One year ago i was a fucking addict.I couldn’t even go more than a day.
Back then i had this constant brain fog but now my consiousness is clearer.


Elimination due to inactivity :no_entry_sign: