Journey of Infinitely Strong

Day 32:

Wet dream.

Reason: after woke up, was lying on the bed, some thoughts came to my mind and i kept thinking about them for some time and fell asleep again. And it happened. I was semi awake.

Urge: 6/10. (Due to the wet dream)

Stress: 8/10

kegel: 11:00


It happens to me a lot. Will suggest you reading this.

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thank you bro. helpful.

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Day 34 : Hard mode.

Going to meet gf tomorrow after quite long!


Day 38: (Triggering content)

Met gf on Day 35.

Had both good and bad sex for two days.
Bad sex cause Durex mutual climax ruined it.
Good sex when I started using durex ultra thin.

Regarding PIED: Almost gone. The Erection was great and there was no problem at all maintaining it for long hours. EQ 8/10

Regarding PE: With durex mutual climax It was hard to control and came quickly. what an irony. Also they put some chemical inside which numbs your pp and you start losing your Erection gradually and then it’s just a pumping game.
But with the durex ultra thin version, I was able to lust forever. Also Erection was solid.

Libido: Libido sky rockteted before sex, although urge was low. But libido drastically decreased after sex. and urge increased.


Day 40:

Good day.

Urge: 0/10.

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Day 41:

Absolutely zero urge and libido. lol

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Day 45:

Extremely busy with family. (Doctor consultation of family members etc)

Urge: Negligible.

Day 52: Warning: Triggering content

Had sex on DAY 49,50,51 and it was the best sex I’ve had ever in my life.

Fortunately The only nightmare of PE seems to be gone. I can now last as long as I want. Every session last atleast for 30+ mins. Being relaxed, going steady and slow, controlling breath are the key.

I am sure the last two years of abstaining from PMO(although not fully) helped me alot along with kegel.

She was extremely happy and showered me with praises while in the act. I can never forget the constant smiling face.

Just want to say myself, NO PMO is fucking worth it. Every day you abstain from it, will count and you will be rewarded later.

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Congratulations for hitting half century brother :fire::fire:.

I think you missed “No” there.

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Thanks brother.

yes. thanks for pointing out.

DAY 54:

The chaser effect is gradually taking effect. I had sex in those three days to that extent that I almost felt asexual towards her. Now a strong desire to see other girls is being developed.

And there is no better place than Internet to see them. Opened instagram in order to see some curves but uninstalled right away after coming in sense.

I was supposed to Study for 10 hours, Excercise for atleast 1 hour, wake up before 6 am and kegel 10 min from today but none is done as I was glued to my phone most of the day, talked to people on phone, laziness and procrastination.

  1. Study: 1 hour

  2. Excercise: No

  3. Wake up: 10:00 am

  4. Kegel: No

Btw I bought a fitness band to track my steps and walking habit. And i found out in last two weeks I walked 60+ kms, averaging 4 km+ daily.


Day 55:

  1. Urge: 6/10

  2. Study: 3.5 hours

  3. Sleep: 10 hours

  4. Wake up: 10:30 am

  5. Excersise: No

  6. Kegel: 10 mins

Day 56:

  1. Urge: 1/10

  2. Study: 4 hours

  3. Excersise: No

  4. Wake up: 9:30 am

  5. Kegel: 3 min

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Day 60 :

Day 60 it is ! Last 30 days have been extremely busy so those passed real quick.

First time 60 days clean. Lately feeling some waves of urges though due to chaser effect. But it’s quite easy to control/divert my mind than it was in the first seven days. First week is the fucking hardest.

I used to cringe about people saying those unrealistic benifits gaining from NO FAP. Like girls themselves come to ask for number/sex etc. But some benifits are real. For instance, Confidence increases a lot. You talk to people with your head high with strong and stern eye contact which i couldn’t when I was a masturbator.

No more time waste in search of that perfect video or image which was being used all day for edging. I admit PMO took lots of time from my day, only cause I was constantly looking for a perfect video or image.

I’m still not recovered. Some intense porn scenes still pops up randomly in my mind. So miles to go.

And still very careful to minor triggers. Cause it all starts from minor triggers only. Just like Chain reaction.

Small milestone but still thanks to everyone in this forum. All of your posts motivates me including the relapsing ones.

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Day 64:

Since two days the urge is severe to see some naked pics. idk why. how these urges are developed. Today is almost at peak. 9/10.
Maybe i was scrolling insta and feeded myself some semi hot pics which subconsciously activated the nerve pathways.

Also I’m in some stress.

I was almost about to open a website (which i used to visit) but i rather opened this app and writing this instead.