Journey of Infinitely Strong

I used to be active in a different Forum. Lately I discovered this app has its inbuilt forum as well. Which is a splendid thing. Hence I’ll be sharing my life, experience, wisdom regarding no fap here.


Started my journey on December 2020 and untill today it has been hell of a journey.

Right in the first streak i had gone about 220+ days, 60+ days, 30+ days and then relapse atleast twice in every month in the last 6 months.

It has been about 560+ days since i started the journey and i ended up doing 23 relapse till today.

The secret of the longest streak was i was visiting the mentioned forum every alternative day, read posts, interacted with other users, added activity in my journal and subconsciously feed myself motivation. I got busy with exams and stopped visiting the forum, and hence eventually i lost to urges.

Reasons I wanted to quit PMO:

  1. It drains my energy, TIME, confidence, self motivation.

  2. Unnatural Fantasies.

  3. A bit of PIED.

Another reason why I was less motivated after the first streak is After 160+ days of nofap the PIED seemed to be cured as i found out when I met my gf. I was also getting daily morning woods which i never got prior to my nofap journey. So that kinda made me feel like okay it’s done and hence I became less attentive towards No PMO.

But as i started relapsing again (frequently), I started losing the woods too and wasted lots of time in eroticas, Fantasies leaving less time for my productivity.

So I’ve decided again to start this journey again and let’s see how far can I go (Already in Day 6)

No to:

  1. Sexual Thoughts/Fantasies in mind.
  2. Erotic Stories/literature/Threads/Forums
  3. Hot Pics/Sounds/Videos/P**ns.
  4. Insta Search&Reels/Snap/Reddit NSFW/TWS
  5. Staring others with lust/at other body parts
  6. Sexting/Phone Sex/ Explicit Video Call

Hey, am just occupied buddy with work. But will love to read all of it that you have written in sometime, may we connect on WhatsApp if that’s ok with you? Lemme know :raised_hands::+1::sparkles::innocent:

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Thanks for stopping by. Yes bro, sure.

Day 6:

Some wild thoughts did come to mind and those created wave of urges. Loudly said no to those and moved on.

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Good boy :raised_hands: keep it up

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Good luck to you, I also have PIED and I am 18 years old. I had a series of 14 days, 30 days and now a series of 181 days. I still have not got rid of erectile dysfunction.

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You’re very young. And congrats for starting early. Hang in there, it will disappear magically.

Day 7.

Some wilder thoughts than yesterday, No urges but if you keep thinking about those thoughts, urges build up.

The first week is the hardest. Second week is hard and eventually it gets easier.

It’s still an easier day cause after i rejoined the forum yesterday I’m quite motivated.


Day 8.

Normal day. No thoughts or urges.

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That’s good, but it comes then it gets challenge

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Day 9:

Comparatively easy and clean day. Some minor mood swings.

While i was stressed and anxious about something, Brain still tricked me towards some hot imaginative thoughts but I was able to ignore successfully.

Enjoying this No PMO hard mode. The satisfaction before going to sleep is real.


Was going through my old journals in the other forum where i started my first nofap journey. And saw the pattern of downfall.

Out of the 226 days of first streak, i hate to admit, only 40 days was Clean HARD MODE of No PMO. Rest 186 days i did all other things just didn’t masturbated. It was NO MO. One thing led another and ended up breaking the hard mode.

In those mere 40 days of hard mode i got tremendous benifits and i cherish those moments.

Some most dangerous triggers that fucks me up:

  1. Imaginative Sexual scenes in mind.

  2. Being alone, bored and having the phone in your hand.

  3. Snapchat. I’ve some female friends there. It’s hard to resist.

  4. Installing reddit for memes and ended up in NSFW communities.

Either Hard mode or nothing. I’ll be reseting my counter if can’t abide by the rules of hard mode.


Day 10 hard mode:

Good clean day but quite unproductive.
Studied only for 2/3 hours.

What’s happening is brain is framing various sexual scenarios in my mind. I ignore them and brain comes up with another more intense and interesting scenario.

Earlier what happened, I intentionally created such thoughts in my mind and started touching myself.Now they’re coming up spontaneously.

Didn’t give any shit about the thoughts but spent most of the hours of the day by watching some YouTube videos which should’ve been put in productive work.


DAY 11. Hard mode.

Slept last night at : 2:00 am
Woke up at : 10:30 am

  1. Good clean day. Almost zero sexual thoughts crossed my mind today.

  2. Productive. Studied 10+ hours.

  3. Kegel: 2 sessions (3 min each)

  4. Mood: Good


Damn :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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Nice job, I also had urges today ( it’s my second day ) but I stayed strong and I defeated them. Continue to an infinite streak champ :muscle: :fire: :fire:


@InfinitelyStrong great going

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Day 12. Hard mode.

Slept at 1:30
Abruptly woke up at 4:30
Slept again at 8 am.

  1. No urge at all. Relatively easy day.

  2. Watched some movie clips and kept my eyes only on the face of the actress. Not below the neck. Weird but works. Curves drives me crazy. And this time I’m being extra careful to the minor triggers.
    It’s easier to ignore the triggers than to fight with urges, And i can’t win that fight.

  3. Not much productive day.

  4. Kegel. 2X 15s

  5. Mood: Felt energetic throughout the day. A bit sad for wasting most of the hours of the day.

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Day 13. Hard mode.

Wake up: 9:30 am
Slept : 1:30

  1. Some minor wave of urges. Ignored.

  2. Relatively Productive.

  3. Kegel: 2 sessions

  4. Gf video called. She was alone. Controlled myself and didn’t ask for something that i usually ask.

  5. Mood: Moderate.

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