INTERNATIONAL Challenge! Represent Your Country 🎌



Ohhh pakistanio come on guyzzz​:muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Thank you!

Indonesia :indonesia:
Day streak 45 days


@aneeque444 @Ibraheem234.
Get up yar. In logon kay sath mukabla karna ha hum logon nay. Namaz start karo sub theek ho jay ga


Haan haan Koshish Jari hay😊


You have been added @bluehawk to represent Indonesia! Well done on your streak, you are carving a path for your country by yourself :facepunch:

Thanks for adding yourself in @anon8383425 and great to have you onboard. I have updated the leaderboard to reflect your country’s success, keep it up :grin:

Congrats to Sri Lanka, Israel and Indonesia for your steps forward! Germany you are one day from your next milestone, keep supporting each other :slight_smile:


Please add me from egypt
My code caddcd


Your country has been added @abdomookhar! Now you must do it proud :facepunch: Make sure to come back and update your streak regularly :slight_smile: Welcome aboard.

Congrats to the German team for getting the :yellow_heart:! Also a big congrats to the Indian team for finally getting the :sunny: rank and tying for first place with Brazil. It is anyones game now :+1:


Egypt 3 days until now


Current: 3
Highest: 8
Country: Bhutan
Code: caef81

Let’s start it.


Awesome @JeyRobin! Another country with someone to represent it! I wish you the best of luck with it. Hopefully you find some comrades in time :facepunch:


Well done to @miguelangel.povedasanchez, earning the :green_heart: for his country solo! Back up to 7th place :slight_smile:

And a big well done to the Brazilian team! Not content to share the top slot with India they have secured first place again with a whopping 275 days + collective total. That’s a lotta days! You have earned the :medal_sports: rank. Keep up the great work guys!


Add me country: INDIA code: 33c2024 Day 1


Well done Pakistan team for coming together and achieving your first milestone :slight_smile: :facepunch:


Add me code 33c2024 country:INDIA day :3


I have added you @shivyadav985! Do your country proud :facepunch: Make sure to update your streak every once in a while by editing scoreboard. Good luck!


Hi can you pls add me and my friend? :slight_smile: we are knights from Slovakia . Our code are : 938144b
, and f62f73f. Together 22 days. Thanks bro


Awesome @FilipoGo, it will be great to have a Slovakian representation! :slight_smile:

In order to add you both I need your separate usernames, codes and day streaks :slight_smile: :+1:


Okej :slight_smile:

  1. Wariorforpurity
    Curent streak: 12

  2. Filipogo
    Curent streak: 12
    Code f62f73f


@FilipoGo you have been added to represent the Slovakian team! It is awesome to have yet another country in the challenge, keep doing your best and make sure to update your streaks here regularly :slight_smile:


Tough luck Slovakia and Sri Lanka! See if you can recruit more people from your regions so even if you relapse all is not lost :slight_smile: