INTERNATIONAL Challenge! Represent Your Country 🎌



And just like that the Indian team are back seated at 1st place with the Brazilian team, wow! I am amazed with both teams. Over the course of the last few weeks your collective streaks have gone to such high levels without stopping! Which team will be the first to reach the :star: rank? It’s neck and neck!


And within 10 hours the Indian team has soared up above the 300 day total, astounding! Well done on earning the :star: rank and coming to 1st Place not in a tie with anyone else! Your next ranks have 50 days in between so it will take a lot of hard work and perseverance to rank up from now on but I have faith in you guys :facepunch:

Also a big well done to the German team hitting the :orange_heart: rank! You are decisively the 5th best country of the lot right now and that is really impressive considering there is 16 countries and only two of you! Keep it up :+1:


Congrats to the Pakistan team, you have rallied together to climb from nothing to now having a solid comvined 20 days! 3 is a magic number and you are working as a solid trio :+1:


Keep working together and supporting each other guys, this is a chance to prove what we can do when we work together :muscle:


Congrats to the US team for hitting the :full_moon: rank! It has been a while but you guys have pushed up another rank, further solidifying your position in 3rd place :facepunch:

And another pat on the back for the amazing Brazilian team who have now also made it past 300 Days! And achieved the :star: rank! Once again you are tied with India for first place. Now it is 50 Days between ranks, no more messing around you guys are going to have to work harder than ever to claim first place for yourselves again :facepunch:


Cool I did the survey :slight_smile:


Congrats Pakistan team for climbing together to 7th place for your country, keep up the great work :facepunch:


The Leaderboard has been updated! Germany is up another rank and India is at the top now with a massive 350+ combined streak! Well done everyone, keep up the good fight :facepunch:


Hello i also want to be in that competition.
I am from Nepal.


You can add yourself it’s super easy. All you have to do is to jump to post 2 on this thread, then edit in your country and flag if they’re not there and your username. (PS you’ll need your Streak to be put on the post too) @Srijalthewarrior


Why there is no nepali flag


Add France 17 days please


Country: Brazil
Highest streak: 46 days
Current streak: 31 days
Code: fd8c6b


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