INTERNATIONAL Challenge! Represent Your Country 🎌



It is time to unite under the banner of your nations flag. To work together to etch a place in NoFap history for your country. Work together to overthrow this addiction and co-operate with your brothers and sisters on this journey as well.

In this challenge we will split off into groups dependant on which country we are from/feel most a part of and attempt to achieve milestones from your amount of days added with everyone elses.

It’s simple, you edit the Scoreboard below and add yourself into the country you wish to represent. If the country is not present you can add it in or request me to do so for you. Make sure to update your day total as it increases (or resets), no one else will do it for you.

In this challenge we will team up with those from our country, pool our days and attempt to achieve goal after goal together. There will be a Leaderboard displaying the current rank of each country and who is doing the best.


:crown: - :two::zero::zero::zero:
:comet: - :one::seven::five::zero:
:fire: - :one::five::zero::zero:
:zap: - :one::two::five::zero:
:trophy: - :one::zero::zero::zero:
:1st_place_medal: : - :eight::five::zero:
:sparkles: - :seven::zero::zero:
:2nd_place_medal: - :six::zero::zero:
:dizzy: - :five::zero::zero:
:3rd_place_medal: - :four::five::zero:
:star2: - :four::zero::zero:
:medal_military: - :three::five::zero:
:star: - :three::zero::zero:
:medal_sports: - :two::seven::five: - :brazil: :up: :1st_place_medal:
:sunny: - :two::five::zero: - :india: :2nd_place_medal:
:full_moon: - :two::two::five:
:waxing_gibbous_moon: - :two::zero::zero: - :us: :3rd_place_medal:
:first_quarter_moon: - :one::seven::five:
:waxing_crescent_moon: - :one::five::zero:
:new_moon: - :one::two::five: - :israel:
:black_heart: - :one::zero::zero:
:heart: - :eight::zero:
:orange_heart: - :six::zero:
:yellow_heart: - :four::five: - :indonesia: :de:
:green_heart: - :three::zero: - :sri_lanka: :es: :up:
:blue_heart: - :two::zero: - :ireland:
:gift: - :keycap_ten: - australia

:1st_place_medal: :brazil: Brazil - :medal_sports:
:2nd_place_medal: :india: India - :sunny:
:3rd_place_medal: :us: United States - :waxing_gibbous_moon:
:four: :israel: Israel - :new_moon:
:five: :indonesia: Indonesia - :yellow_heart:
:five: :de: Germany - :yellow_heart:
:seven: :sri_lanka: Sri Lanka - :green_heart:
:seven: :es: Spain - :green_heart:
:nine: :ireland: Ireland - :blue_heart:
:keycap_ten: :australia: Australia - :gift:
:one::one: :uk: United Kingdom
:one::one: :pakistan: Pakistan
:one::one: :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia
:one::one: :egypt: Egypt
:one::one: :bhutan: Bhutan

CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! :trophy:
An alle Deutschsprachigen hier
Co-Operative 1,250 DAYS Challenge! :medal_sports:
[19M] Diário Do Spektro: Queda, Dor, Sofrimento,Reflexão, Superação e Vitória
International competition-Country pride

:trophy: SCOREBOARD :trophy:

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:keycap_ten: :australia: Australia :australia: - 13 Days :gift:

TheJedinator13 - 58cba7 - 13 days

:one::one: :bhutan: Bhutan :bhutan: - 3 Days

JeyRobin - caef81 - 3 Days

:1st_place_medal: :brazil: Brazil :brazil: - 281 Days :medal_sports:

ElliotAlderson - 42e05877a7c656345 - 146 Days
Sousa - cf2649 -43 days
Lutador2.0 - dfb1df - 40 days
Aladdin - dfd392 - 21 days
ar001 - bdf5f8 - 11 Days
AceOfDiscipline - 943914 - 8 Days
rafael.melo96 - b8cd8b - 7 Days
Thiago - ae9d587cbd7dc932f - 5 Days
SemPMO - afa425 - 0 Days

:one::one: :egypt: Egypt :egypt: - 2 Days

abdomookhar - caddcd - 2 Days

:five: :de: Germany :de: - 46 Days :yellow_heart:

SwordmasterEdan - 27 Days
dman - aec62e - 19 Days

:2nd_place_medal: :india: India :india: - 255 Days :sunny:

BruceLee - 9ddeb0 - 116 Days
Mr.XYZ-7b48bd - 42 days
refresh - 7f59b9 - 42 Days
Accelerator - 39d31a - 19 days
Shiva12 - ec8161b - 12 Days
udi - ccec0e - 07 Days
kpthunder - d05c34 - 4 Days
white_tiger - 8a30de - 2 Days
raghunandanpareek - dc30698 -13 Day

:five: :indonesia: Indonesia :indonesia: - 45 Days :yellow_heart:

bluehawk - 22bdbd1 - 45 Days

:nine: :ireland: Ireland :ireland: - 21 Days :blue_heart:

petrassib - b29fee - 21 Days

:four: :israel: Israel :israel: - 133 Days :new_moon:

Bl4z3 - cfd3d8 - Day 133

:one::one: :pakistan: Pakistan :pakistan: - 4 Days

Ibraheem234 - ce693fb - 2 Days
aneeque444 - 2b6eb1 - 1 Days
Don95 - baedd3 - 1 Days

:one::one: :saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia: - 5 Days

Drfahadx - 98762c - 4 Days
nalassill -b1ca9fa -1 Days

:seven: :es: Spain :es: - 30 Days :green_heart:

miguelangel.povedasanchez - 65feff - 30 Days

:seven: :sri_lanka: Sri Lanka :sri_lanka: - 38 Days :green_heart:

arshad321 - a363a8 - 38 Days

:one::one: :uk: United Kingdom :uk: - 1 Days

Digabat - 455da5c - 1 Days

:3rd_place_medal: :us: United States :us: - 208 Days :waxing_gibbous_moon:

Radio - 9386dc - 193 Days
Special_Bird - a06153 - 10 Days
WalkWithoutFear - 826714 - 1 Days
beezy - 035c036 - 3 Days
Shinkuu - 37567ab - 1 Days


No spanish flag, sorry.
If i have reached one of the awards, how I claim it?


@miguelangel.povedasanchez I found it don’t worry! :slight_smile:

When you reach the first award I will add your country to the Leaderboard and you can see your awards there. Thanks for joining brother :grin::+1:


But im on day 17 xD. 65feff, you can sse it.
TheWindWaker is my name on the app, on the forum im miguelangel.povedasanchez (for confusions).


Sorry you wrote 9 days yourself beforehand! :stuck_out_tongue:

We use the forum name on this challenge, it prevents confusion :slight_smile: Well done on earning the first gift award for your country :facepunch:


Oh, sorry I wrote 9 days xD. Thx for the gift.


USA USA USA! Don’t got much for my team yet, but hopefully soon :slight_smile:


Hahaha! @Special_Bird In time people will join up! Even if you only get 1 more person you can both work together to get the highest award possible :slight_smile:


Heyyy, can you add me, or should I join myself,
Pakistan. Is my country though


I have added your country @aneeque444, feel free to add yourself in now. Thanks for joining :slight_smile:


Is it fine if I added myself?


Of course it is, that’s the idea Radio :slight_smile:


@raghunandanpareek code : dc30698 , day : 1 country : India :india: …add me Brother …I am desperate to join this challenge


What a motivational challenge. I am in for this challenge. :smiley: :fire:


I have added you @raghunandanpareek! It is great to have you and @WalkWithoutFear on board for this challenge, two fiery competitors! Do your best :facepunch::grin:


Add me pls my code: 7e47281


Hi there!
Please add me fc7197


@JeanGuedes @alexander.ogorodov I would love to but I have no idea what your current streaks are! It’s really easy to add yourself in also you should give it a try, just edit the scoreboard :slight_smile:

Great to have you on board representing my neighbour @Aoshigreen :grin:


Hi, Bro! Can you add me? I’m from Brazil and my code is dfb1df