INTERNATIONAL Challenge! Represent Your Country 🎌



Good to know @petrassib ! Thanks for the reply and for the sterling work you’re doing on this forum! Mad respect. :facepunch:


Hello I have edited scoreboard for India .Am I in the challange now?


Yep!!! I hope you got some heavy days stacked up to help us win!!!


Yes @Shiva12 you are part of the challenge now! All you have left to do is update your streak here whenever you like to make sure it remains accurate and to add days to your country!

Best of luck in this journey :facepunch::blush:


Yes dear mate .We will take our country to the top very soon. Its a pleasure to see your reply. It seems that Indians are everywhere!!!


Sorry @petrassib
11 days and 4hours


Cool @ar001 I just added you to the Brazilian team there. Make sure to update your streak here regularly cuz no one else will do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck :facepunch::grin:


Hello… Excuse me. Is indonesia counted?


It is now @bluehawk! I just added it in there for you :slight_smile: Just add your details underneath Indonesia in the same format as everyone elses and you’re in :grin:


Add me plz


Welcome @adarshan786! I cannot add you because I don’t know what your current streak is :slight_smile: You can always add yourself in by editing the scoreboard, it’s pretty straightforward! Otherwise leave a comment with the amount of days you have right now :+1:

Well done @SwordmasterEdan and @dman on getting the green heart for Germany, great teamwork guys :facepunch::blush:


Hey @Shinkuu I appreciate your commitment but we do not update other peoples streaks for them in my challenges :slight_smile:


That was my b, I can’t edit it yet so I asked him to


There is no rush @beezy you can edit it when you are back there is no need to update every day if you can’t :slight_smile: :+1:


Well done to the US team, you have crested 200 total days! :muscle::grinning:


@petrassib Hey bro add my country also.
Sri lanka :sri_lanka:
Current streak : 31


Welcome to this challenge @arshad321, your country has been added, you are a strong representation for it well done :slight_smile: And it has an awesome flag I must say :open_mouth:

Also well done to the Brazilian team who are back to 250! :slight_smile:


Thank u bro. I think that I’m the only one who is representing my country in this forum. So I will take my country to a higher position alone :muscle:


Hi plz join me to saudi arabia group
Nawwaf - b1ca9fa - day 1


You have been added to the Saudi Arabia group @nalassill, I look forward to seeing you team up with @Drfahadx and doing your best! Make sure to pop back in to update your streak here :facepunch::grin: