INTERNATIONAL Challenge! Represent Your Country ๐ŸŽŒ



USA all the way :muscle: lets show everyone we are strong. :us::us::us::us::us::us::us:



Sorry bro I forgot to mention can you put your sharing code next to your name on the scoreboard please? Thank you! :facepunch: :blush:


@raghunandanpareek @ibraheem234

Sorry bros I forgot to mention can you put your sharing code next to your name on the scoreboard please? Thank you! :facepunch: :blush:


@petrassib Thanks for creating these awesome challenges! Iโ€™m finding them very motivating!


It is my pleasure @Aoshigreen! I am glad you are enjoying them and they are helping you :grin:

@Sousa Welcome to the challenge! Please add your sharing code next to your name and you are good to go :facepunch:


Congrats Brazilian team on reaching the :sunny: rank! Keep up the great work :facepunch::grin:


Add me: bdf5f8


My country won 20 days reward.


Added myself with team India. Thanks @petrassib for creating and running all these awesome challenges. It must be acknowledged that running the challenges smoothly and effectively is not a an easy task and that they can get tricky some times.
@BruceLee you are standing tall with team India making 116 days out of a total of 186 days. I plan to reach there soon. Letโ€™s work together to make our country win this. Just make sure you donโ€™t call it a day with the streak LOL. Thanks for being here.


Paging @s8k8. Come on brother, join the challenge. With you on board, we will be at the first rank.


Indian people arenโ€™t updating๐Ÿ˜‘


Hey @ar001 welcome to the challenge! Can you tell me your current streak to add to the scoreboard? :slight_smile:

Ah @MrXYZ this is very nice of you to say, it feels good to be acknowledged :grin: I just love when people participate and enjoy themselves!

@refresh Maybe they are not every day but it does not matter you can update every few days or week :slight_smile:

Also a congrats to the Indian team winning 2nd place earning the :waxing_gibbous_moon: rank, well done guys keep up the good work!

@miguelangel.povedasanchez You are correct, well done on representing your country for this achievement :grin::facepunch:



Day 0


Ok @digabat you have been added! You will need to update your score yourself to ensure your country gets a higher score but now youโ€™re in! :grin:


Well done @TheJedinator13 for securing your country a place on the leaderboard! :facepunch::grin:


Brazil :brazil:
Day 8


You have been added to the scoreboard @rafael.melo96 to support your country :facepunch:

Make sure to update your streak here occassionally to add more days :slight_smile:


@petrassib Can I switch to another country? (Which I also belong to)

I donโ€™t find it interesting to play for a winning team tbh, I enjoy being an underdog more :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :slight_smile: Can you put me on Team USA?

beezy - 035c036 - 0 days


There is a bit of a gray area @Shinkuu, you can represent either the country you have lived in for the longest time or the country you were born in!

Looks like you are on the scoreboard @beezy, do your country proud! :blush: