Help for nightfalls

Just completed 85 days today
I need help
Serious help
Cuz I had experienced 12 nightfalls in these 85 days and I m feeling like now my streak is useless
Pls help me for this nightfall
I can’t go to gym bc of my exams
And can’t even exercise due to winter season ( temperature is 8-10°)
Plz help me what should I do now
I m really feeling like my streak is useless now💔


This is flatline. Muster the hope from inside of your body. Dont think any one will give you bravery. Go up surpass everyone and win. We all are aroused because of artificial things. Thats why modern men are weak. Be like Vegeta, Goku has surpassed him every time. But he train like hell. To surpass him. Dont be dependent like Goku.


And dont peek. please


I think you are doing great :blush: and don’t look back

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How to avoid nightfall:

  1. Have light dinner.
  2. Go for a post dinner walk.
  3. Do not drink too much water before sleeping.
  4. Wash your feet with cold water.
  5. Read good literature before sleeping.
  6. Repeat God’s name (chanting) and pray sincerely before sleeping.
  7. Avoid spicy food, fast food and nonveg.
  8. Massage your feet with mustard oil before sleeping.
  9. Do not watch sexual images during day.
  10. Do not think about women during day.

guys this is the best method which prevents frequent nightfalls!
step 1: 10 minutes before sleeping, wash your feet with tapwater
step 2: now sit down and dry your feet using a towel
step 3: massage your feet for 2 mins smoothly by using mustard oil.

you know one of the main cause of nightfall is excess body heat. Using this method releases all excess body heat.
i hope it works for you😇
stay blessed


I am lucky to find you since this helped me with monk mode.

Honorable mention of @nofapstar123 comment above too. Help for nightfalls - #6 by nofapstar123

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