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I have never felt more alive and happy, I look so much more alive and I’ve changed a lot. Woman attraction is real and I expirenced it today. My face is so bright and clear and I feel changed in so many ways. Its just a great. I’ll do nofap as long as I’m alive I won’t give in to matter what. let’s do THIS BABY.

Day 19 out of 22-
So Today has been an awesome day this nofap journey has tuaght me a lot, patince and connecting with others, I can talk and connect with people I can sense how they feel and act right and in the right time. This, doing this, starting Nofap might just be the best thing I did in my lifetime. I’m so glad for doing this and am ready to do this for a life time or untill I get married which is a long way ahead, which is good I I’ll use this time to build and enhance my self, and of course enjoy life to the fullest.

Gotta love NoFap man


Day 20 out of 22-
Today was an okay day. Had some akward moments but I don’t expect to have a perfect day everyday. I’m getting my feeling back day by day and feel more emotions all were suppressed by the addiction, I also noticed that I like this one girl but can’t get my self together to talk to her. Also I’ll wait untill I feel confident enough to do it, anyways don’t want to distract my brain too much about her, becouse I feel like if I did then I’ll just get depressed afterwards and relapse that’s what usually happens in stories I heard. So that’s that no thinking about “IT” let everything be natural don’t rush stuff. I’ll keep going with my streak and keep and form good habits. Oh and also I noticed that I like to learn new things(hobbies) like cooking and fixing stuff.

That’s pretty much it.

Edit: people look up to me more, more respected, looked up to as a leader. Forget to mention that.


I did fix something and got the dopamine rush and after it felt like its the best thing in the world. I was very happy that I actually fixed something. But then for some reason I got sad, and. Until now I still am. Is there an explanation for what happened ? I’ll go through out my day hopefully it’ll go away. I believe it’s temporary.

Edit: I tried to not sleep on my stomach and yesterday I did for a bit and then flipped on my back but in the morning I went back to my stomach unconsciously it’s just I’m used to do it and I tried to break that habit for the past 17 days and had some success I woke up this morning and I didn’t have a wet dream but I got sad because I can’t fully break this habit. I know I can, I’ve done it before while sleeping but my will power wasn’t good enough yesterday… This might have something to do with being sad. I’ll try to prevent this from happening in the future.


Day 21 one more day untill goal’s achived
21 out of 22-
Had an okay day, nothing remarkable although I my emotions we kinda mixed and had a bunch of different fellings … confidence was rather low I think another flatline but not sure,Don’t really care I still have my goals set and will achieve one by one. Good habits still going I did go out and got what I need for the outside world which is goal I set couple of days ago. Will take a cold shower, meditate and do prayer. Hopefully tommrow will be better. I know I can make it better it really comes down to attitudes that can change how you feel about certain day.


Keep going, brother.


3 weeks, congratulations! You’re going closer and closer to rewire. Be cautious of any temptation. Good luck :wink:


Thank you guys and tempitations are something from the past, I I’ve been training my mind to not look at any girl sexually and avoid looking at them just beocuse “I want to look” also a new good habit I made is Everytime I encounter something that even has a slight chance of making my brain tempted I just abort right away. I noticed I’m doing it naturaally and I also *didn’t slept on my stomach yesterday and Everytime I wanna trun I resiste while asleep. I’ll keep building these good habits to use them as weapons against that disgusting addiction.


Day 22 out of 22 yet another goal achived and cant wait to achieve more.
Next goal 26 dìas…
22 out of 26-

Feeling very happy that I achived my goal, also feeling better than yesterday, probably because of the cold shower and my attitude. I always try my best to seem interesting to others, force my self to act different and make people laugh, today was a bit different I just acted how I felt, I learned form meditation that you can’t always be happy and it’s ok to be sad that actually how life is supposed to be. Being always happy can cause a lot or stress, or should I say “force the happiness” is what’s wrong. That is what I did
different today, confidence definitely better than yesterday ane I acted normal nothing remarkable but I know what I want, I know what to do, and I have a brighter and clearer mind. That’s pretty much it will update tommrow. One more thing, I also tried out the “reward” for your hard work or whenever you reach a streak and I didn’t really like it or think “oh I’m glad I tried his out” I went and bought some dessert but I think that is not for me maybe I’ll reward my self with noodles or something. Something less expensive and that I like. Or just cut the habit out, haven’t decided yet.
That’s it.


It is very inspiring to see the 22 day victory in NoFap! I’m going through a very difficult time with the PMO … I’m having a hard time getting out of the “cycle” after my last relapse. Reading your diary gave me energy! Good luck in your next goal brother!

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Day 23 out of 26-
Pretty okay day. Went to work spent my whole day there, benefits still here and they keep getting better and better. Don’t really have much to say for today. Other than I can’t wait to reach greater goals and have my streak grow more and more.
Gonna pray and meditate maybe working on my hobby even though I’m exhausted. And also gonna download duellingo and learn a new language. I have to make every moment count. I

note: I got this feeling of trying to stay productive at all times when I reached a decent streak.
Duke’s out (my badge name currently :smile:)


I’m getting better and better at everything… I so love life right now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.


I relapsed. I used a shopping app and THIS REWIRE APP to do it. I used somebody’s link to Reddit and shit went down from their. I went to a p website. I deleted the shopping app. But this app. I still have the Rewire app I don’t know what to do ?? If I keep it I still know this way to access P. If I delete it I’ll do bad in my journey. The only way I can think of is to erase the browser from the app. I know it’s not possible to erase so I request @Taher. Please delete the browser from the app. I don’t want to use it to browse P. Can you take it off the app somehow? And keep the fourm only ? I don’t know a single way that can help me. Please man

And if somebody wants to open a link then redirect them to the browser they’re using. I know it’s a lot to ask for but it’s the only way possible.


Day 0 out of 3-
I’ll have to block this app, I’ll allow the use for 30 mins just to write my diary and that’s it. Feeling confused and regret I never imagined to relpase with such a great streak. Once picture led to the other, then switched to vidoes and then I ruined my life. I’m running my life with my own hands. I shouldn’t have kept any shopping app. And will never keep any. Can’t even trust the app anymore. I can use to see P. 30 mins and thats. Remember what I said about killing all addictions together… well that’s another addiction I was forming. I’ll keep this one clean like I did last time. And this time there aren’t any shopping apps to make me relapse.

You disgusting fucking monkey.


Sad to know you relapsed.
You’re more experienced now. Use your knowledge and never relapse again! Good luck :wink:


Thank you so much man I hope you make it as well


In Batman returns, an old man tells Bruce to climb without rope. Only then he succeeded. You also climb without blockers. Do not blame others and app. It is entirely your own mistake.


I failed my self, I failed my self in every way. I had so much going on in my life I didn’t need that disgusting shit, I don’t know why I tunred to it. I had so much good stuff that I spent my time on. I was productive almost always. It felt so good to expirence new stuff, stuff that I hadn’t experienced in the last 10 years. I’ll climb again, ill try my hardest to get out of the cycle, I’ll put all of my efforts to get out of it. And when I MAKE IT I’ll get back to where I left off in my activities, but this time I’ll be even more productive I’ll make every moment count. I’ll make sure I never stay on my phone without having a specific something I wanna do, and I’ll make sure it’s something productive.

This addiction will be nothing to me when I’m through with this. When I get out of the cycle I’ll keep teaching my mind on what’s right and what’s not.


Why I will. Im trying to get an expolite fixed in the app. This app can be used to view porn, do you wish for people to use this to see that disgusting shit? This app is meant to be nofap friendly. I’m not blaming the admin for northing. I only wish for him to remove that useless future, which can also used to view porn. That an exploit that will hurt people if devs don’t get rid off it. I’ll wait for the admin to say whether this problem should be dealt with or not.


I do not know how you watched it through this. You have made a world record by doing this. :clap::clap::clap::clap: There is no browser here which is saying, “C’mon browse some shit.”


Shopping apps are also very useful. We should use them for good. It is very easy to blame outside causes, but you cannot do anything to reduce them. You have to become wise from inside.