Gunsblazaing's diary


I completed 4/7 days …

Coming to my goal nearer…

Yesterday I had urges.
It was very difficult.
I usually have urges on this day mostly.

But I some now managed.


Congrats brother, on day 4 and beating the urge, keep doing the same and finally you will find your self doing it automatically… day 3 and day 4 are usually the hardest. Get to a week and watch the magic happen. Benefits and fighting urges will become much, much easier. I’ll see you on day 7 man, remember if you need anythig just comment here or mention I’m always glad and up for help.

All the best man.


Thanks my friend.

It was actually hard for me. I knew it would become harder. So I went out with one of my friend in the morning. Till afternoon I spent out. So no chance of sexual thoughts. I was just talking with my friend.
After I came back, afternoon I slept. Escaping from the bad thoughts.
Then I woke up around 4 pm and started studying. But couldn’t focus at all. Very distracted mind. I close books. Thought about watching a movie. Then stopped that also. At last even when I was lying on bed trying to sleep at 11 pm, I was having very bad thoughts all over my mind.

I donno how did I manage. But I was always telling myself that, this is my time. I have to be strong. I won’t give up.

And as I wake up in the morning, counter is showing 4 days.



What I suggest brother is to block anything that’s tirggering that’s what I did, and even if it try to search for bullshit ( which of course I will never do, not when I’m doing very good) I won’t find any, becouse im not able to. I also suggest you start a diary which I noticed is helping a lot. It make you hold your self accountable so that’s helping me a lot, and remember whenever you have an urge that we all are here for you. I’m looking forward to you reaching day 7 and beyond.
Will see you at day 7



I am having a diary my own bro. Am not just posting here that’s all.

Btw what is triggerring me is my own bad thoughts. Not any app or so.

I will get this time right. My last record is 8 days. This time lemme reach 7 days first.

Keep in touch. We will do this together.


Day 12 out of 13; 1 day untill my goal is achived

Today I’m Doing well,I I’m getting better with the time. Some benefits I had earned and still earning are… im more genuine. Can make people laugh and can speak in public, I’m not as shy as I used to be. And I’m a happier person in general. If it wasn’t for Nofap I wouldnt be like this. I wouldn’t feel this great. I feel like my life had took a U turn. I feel like my life is just beginning and I just started to feel alive again… some more benefits I earned are: i Can get my word to the person im talking to. I feel more respected by everyone. I get noticed a lot more, and was told I look more fresh and Bright. It’s just so different Everything…although there were times where I felt my confidence disappearing, I gain it back after a while. So that’s that. I will meditate and do my prayer.

Note to brain:
There is no way I’m going back to that shit hole I used to live in, and that life-ruinning addiction.


DAY 13 BABY, another small goal achived, this time I’ll spice it up a bit and go for 17 days.
Day 13 out of 17-
Today was not the best day, I actually was low on energy and was akward a bit. Was angry and anooyed at my self because I accidentally looked a girl who was sharking de butt (and yes it really was an accident). So I was anooyed with my self, but told my self it was an accidental gaze and decided to keep it down. And had a couple of triggers here and there so tried my best to avoid them. Anyways, kept reminding my self on how Nofap is the best and fapping would just ruin my life, little by little, I had to remind my brain on whats right and what’s not. To be clear when I say today was a bad day I by all means think if I compared to my past days when PMO was around, today was much,much better… those days were like hell and didn’t enjoy anything I do. I also reconginze my self more and notice if there is any bad habit or something I do that I need to get rid of, I’m more aware about myslef.

Peace… (btw, I say peace because I don’t know how to have a good ending on my diary)

Edit: cant sleep well due to my brain trying to get to have a wet drram, and beocuse I don’t sleep on my stomach, I don’t give it a chance to make my body turn on stomach. *Wet dream happen beocuse people sleep on their stomach… Ive had many dirty dreams but I never release so that’s im having issues sleeping and get headaches and wake up every now And then… It is getting very annoying but eventually I’ll get used to it. My brain will give up.


Day 14 out of 17-
Was feeling very low today for no reason, I believe I hit a flatline. No energy, no confidence sleep a lot and angry for no reason. Thats on the dark side, on the bright side I see it as a sign. A sign of improvement, a sign that all the hard work that I did to reach this streak is paying of, Ill let the brain takes its time. In a couple of days I’ll be back where I was even better just gotta let the brain get used to have this low dopamine, I’ll let my brain take the time in needs to rewire.

That’s all.


Glad to hear that everything goes as planned. Be stroneger than flatline, my friend! With higher streak you’ll feel much better. You are no fapping for reason, never forget :wink:


Day 15 out of 17-
Today was better, I laughed I talked and had an okay energy, well I wanna say more than okay. I think the flatline is fading away so that means benefits are coming my way, and I’ll I do is just Not fap which had became very easy, passed the 10 days mark, and Boom! I know, I know… I won’t let my gurard down I’ll keep going, I’ll explore life, I’ll make up for what I had missed before. I’ll reach a great streak.

That’s all folks.


Day 16 out of 17 , 1 Day untill next small goal’s achieved:

Weekend is here, I went to work and spent my whole day at work, which that meant I also got to try out the benefits I’ve got… Confidence, energy;well not so much, able to talk, able to understand clearly, able to learn quickly and efficiently. If it wasn’t for my good streak today wouldn’t have turned out this good. And that’s why Nofap is the best ladies and gentlemen, it makes you feel alive again, it makes you feel like a human, YOU Get to feel emotions, be a happier person. And don’t get discouraged by a flatline for it only means your healing.

That’s it will update when I reach my next goal😀


Nice to see you are rising up. Very good @gunsblazing


Ohhhh…my boy…you are absolutely amazing

Now I have absolutely no reason to give up. Coz you , my friend , are making me to chase you like a cheetah.


Well if you want to keep after me you better stop relapsing because Everytime you relapse I get further and further away. It’s alright though I’ll meet you at day 90😁. This time you WILL do it, get out of the cycle and see your world how you were supposed to see it.

Best of luck man.


Day 17 out of 17 next goal 22
17 out of 22-
Had a passive day today, becouse I had nothing to do, I tried my best to keep busy, so i spent time with family again and it was just a good time. I’m getting more and more memories from the past, my Vocab is better than ever I’m starting to practice a new hobby I learned and I’m getting better and better at it, my memory helped a lot I got a better short memory I can remember stuff better and I’m more alert.i. Was quite happy today and I don’t worry about school or anything it’s just natural i want to get my school and my work done I started thinking ahead. About my feature and college. Anyways I had some spicy food and urges got pretty storng but I had it in the morning so now it’s fading away and I’ll sleep without worrying about wet dreams. Speaking of wet dreams, I had some weird wet dreams, just without the “wet” part. Once again my strategy of avoiding sleeping on my stomach had succeeded. My phone was blocked all day, I didn’t mean for it to happen but kinda glad it was blocked I didn’t worry about and usage was lessened.
That’s all.

Edit: recap: day 17 feeling great and happy, have some urges but can kill them easily and it will get even easier to control. Them over time. Successfully avoided any time-wasiting activity, gotta watch out for the TV for it can make relpase as well. Avoid any dangerous moment and don’t go searching for bullshit. Gotta get Dem benefits :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Thanks for the support man.

No way am going back to the cycle again. I had been very busy last few days. So couldn’t update my diary. I will be updating my diary every single day from now on. And I will follow you closely.


I think I had a wet dream, when I say think I mean it. I didn’t feel my self wet, but I think I remember I had it it I wasn’t sleeping on my stomach it was just a dream but then I released in my dream and little semen came out. So that’s that I didn’t touch nor I slept on my stomach… Guess my body really had to to get it out. Even tho very little semen came out i still feel unusual. It’s fine tho it’s all natural even tho I Rather not have any… It is what it is… Even when I pee I feel semen rising up like it’s trying to come out but nothing happens just a feeling… it’s a weried feeling. That’s it just gotta keep going I’m doing great.:upside_down_face:


Day 18 out of 22-
Today was ok, had a rough morning but I believe its becouse what happend this morning with the “wet dream” but later on the day I felt great just ouke yesterday still practing my new hobby which can also earn me money if I do it right. That’s mostly where and what I spent my day on. Sense of happiness and courageousness (if that’s even a word) I feel like I can do a lot of stuff I was afraid of doing or just couldn’t handel crossing boundaries. This streak is going great and can’t wait to explore further in to my life, of course, without that life running addiction …

Peace out warriors


I have similar streak and feeling the same. I agree, benefits of nofap are just great. Keep going mate :wink:
The most important is in your head. If you know your goals and your way, then you’re gonna overcome everything.
What is your new hobby?


Thanks man my only I do have some goals set and one of them is to get rid of this addiction… wish you the best on your journey.