Gunsblazaing's diary


Day 4

Looking a lot more alive, healthier, happier and so in control. Gotta try to avoid the outside worlds triggers hence keep my gaze lowered and go In my way, no need to look anywhere else. I FREKIN LOVE NOFAP.

Edit 1 : more confidence as well, can communicate properly.
Edit 2 : mode flips are still here kinda, but today is almost over and went out a lot. Will meditate and go to sleep.


I will break your neck if you try to watch porn.

I am telling you… this time you have to do atleast 21 days on hard mode…

I will not talk to you if you try to watch erotica… if you touch your cock… if you entertain your sexual thoughts…

This time you are doing this for all of us… i cant see you fall of the wagon on your 7th day…
Its hard to see … have some respect… give a good show…


Will do man trust me this time I will do it for reals. My first Target is 7 days and I’m getting closer and closer I ain’t giving up easily. Although I had some dreams where I was edging and ruining my streak, then when i woke up I thanked God beocuse it was just A DREAM. I will keep my streak no matter what. See you on day 7


Day 5, well half of day 4 also…
First day of school was ok, was a bit nervous in the begging and was kinda akward but then I was ok, talked to my friends my confidence level was fairly high. I looked a bit more alive today and fresh, akwardness level had decreased too but still there. Can reply to people who get on my nerves, before I used to let them say stuff even it I dont like what they say I don’t reply back beocuse of the confidence level, well today that changed. Day 5 and already feeling better, I love NoFap…

Note: will update if anything new, my day isn’t over yet.


Day 6 out of 7-
Second day of school was better, a bit less akward and a but more confidence. My my mind was clear this day I could think about stuff clearly no brain fog no nothing. Don’t have a lot to say for today but this is definitely an Improvement although was feeling depressed mode switches are still here got angry, sad, energized for momnets but then they would disappeare. Akwardness is gone when I’m angry, but I don’t want it gone that way. Seeing some students being confident kinda made me feel sad and motivated at the same time. I know my brain is running out of patients and is trying anything to make me edge or even relpase. I won’t let it. Day 7 is almost here and I’m not going to miss the opportunity. 1 day until 7 days.


7 is for pussy people… you are a lion… go for 21 days.


Of course, let me hit day 7 and I might go for 21, I thought about trying smaller goals first…
Anyways yesterday laziness hit me and I couldn’t meditate or pray I was laying on the bed very tired. Hopefully today will not be the same


Go friend go ahead. Achiever your goals

Am following you.


Keep going! You can do this! :facepunch:t4::+1:t4:


Finally I have reached day 7, a pure clean streak. Didn’t edge at all, even tho these dreams are killing me they keep happening one after the other, but beocuse I avoid sleeping on my stomach I never release, and the next day it makes me feel darn good. Like I have control over my body and mind, and so even when I get wet dreams, I don’t react to them and nothing happens, so finally I got a clean 7 days streak. Anyways, today was a lot better untill now at least today even u get lazy i will still go with my new habits. Today I fell much more “clear” and “relaxed” I feel more able, I feel like I belong to where I’m, I don’t think it’s weried or foreign it just regular, and I really like that. Driving is much more enjoyable, I enjoyed it before but not like this. It’s like Im in a lot of control. Anyways I won’t push it that’s how I feel today and very happy I finally hit day 7 and I’m sure I will get a lot better with the upcoming days. More benefits less stress, anxiety, and most importantly urges. That’s all I have in mind.

Just want to give credits to the people that helped me and specially @Aragorn for helping me and giving me a startegy to break out of the circle of relpasing. And Resurrection which isnt with us anymore, hopefully he learns to stay more calm, and be more polite, he also helped me. And everyone else who motivated me.

Ps: life is much more bright and colorful with nofap. #NofapForLife


Will hopefully start working on weekend, with this energy I feel I can do everything. Work will keep me busy which helps me with my journey. Let’s go :blush::blush:


Wonderful news.

Am super happy for you brother.

Keep going.


My 7 days goal is over, I guess I’ll go for 10 days now…
Day 8 out of 10 -
Today was an okay day, definitely better than yesterday and the day before yesterday. I’m improving little by little, my anxiety is gone, I’m more awake, I got more energy, I feel more able, more relaxed, and can react in the right ways (a better reaction time). although I’m still having dreams; sexual, nightmares, just regular dreams. So I cant really sleep well and wake up for seconds and go back, and then have another dream. But it is all good, I take it as one of the struggles on my journey that I should pass to make it. Had few headaches today which I interprete them as a consequence for being ADDICTED for long. Urges are dying fast, my brain is giving up on trying to make relapse, I hope. Anyways thats all I have.


Gaining those benefits make it that much more exciting and worthwhile :+1:t4:


Day 9 out of 10 -
Today was a boring day but I went outside on the bicycle and spent a time outside, and then I spent a lot of time on the app. I feel like I wanna go outside more, and since the work thing didn’t 'work" out I had to spend the day doing random stuff. Since I had time I got an urge but got on the fourm and starting reading posts, some were triggering but others helped kill the urges, and of course I used my handy danty strategy which helped with killing the urge. I did my prayer and will do meditate as well. Cleaned my room and feeling better about it. That’s pretty much my day.
Improving little by little.


Edit 1: OMG meditation has never been better, I feel so much more relaxed, I feel more capable and more open to the world… That feeling of energy and happiness, it’s almost undescribable… and that’s on day 9 only… Hell yeah.


Yes bro. Mediation really helps.
We feel relaxed and more focused.

But main thing is we have to stick with it every single day. Consistency is the key. Over time, even if you are doing it for just 10 minutes a day, you will feel rejuvenated. Like a new man. Like you have never been experienced before.



Yes man, I missed meditation yesterday beocuse I was exhausted I believe it’s becouse of dopamine high disappearing suddenly. But my brain will get used to it. How are you doing man ? I see you one day 2 ur getting closer and closer to your goal…
Best of luck brother.


Yes bro. Am getting nearer to my first goal of 7 days. I will reach there. Slowly slowly I will improve.

Even if you are exhausted, you should not skip a day. Set lower limit for your meditation.
Write in your journal like this: “What ever happens, If I am alive, I will do meditation for atleast 3 minutes”.

And if you get a very busy day and you are exhausted like yesterday, do the minimum. But never skip.

Consistency is very very important to rewire our brain.

And also do it on the same time every day. Am doing it in the morning every day.



Day 10 out of 10… Another goal achived next goal 13 Days. :smiley::smile:

Today was a decent day, spent all my time with family and it didn’t feel weird or out of place at all… I actually enjoyed it. Nevertheless today felt quite natural and an ok day, I liked to social and I feel like I’m starting to gain my characteristics… If that makes any sense, they were suppressed by this darn addiction for so long, I wasn’t being my self… but slowly but surely I’m changing. Thats pretty much it still improving little by little, day 10 done… will work towards my next goal and make every moment count.



Day 11 out of 13-
Had an okay day today, wasn’t the best but better than those days when i was pmoing. Had little akwardness here and there confidence level keeps changing, but I held well today, went to school, my mind was trying to trick me into relapsing and telling me that Nofap isn’t doing anything. All I did was take a moment to go over just startegy, go over all the shit that I went through and all the negatives I got from fapping, than just like that that got off my mind. Anyways, today I got some of my memories back, memories started coming back of my day when I used to fap, all the embarrassing moments I had to go through all the no confidence moments, all the chances I missed, came back to my mind, and just memories in general good and bad… it’s like there were suppressed by the addiction, a lot of things were. I’m starting to become my self again, so that’s good. Although triggers are everywhere outside as much as I try to avoid them, there is always this sexual conversation going on, whether it’s friends or random people on the bus, I can’t get rid of these triggers, most of the time I try my best to ignore and eventually thoughts disappeare, I try to not give them much attention. So there would disappeare easily.

Day 13 here we come!!