Gunsblazaing's diary


Why am I such a stupid peace of shit? I fuckin edged and now I regret it and stopped edging after spending some time with the family I regretted everything I did. Fuck me what am I supposed to do now. I know this is the end of my streak even If I don’t do it now. I’ll be having brain fog and shit there are more productive things I could have done fml. I regret every thing. Fuck morning wood fuck wet dreams. Ill try to hold on as much as I can.


I have failed. Due to edging in the begging of my streak all the thoughts still popped up in mind once in a while. Plus I started having sexual thoughts just before I woke up and couldn’t handel my self and went to messenger and since you can go directly to Facebook that was exactly what I did. Eventally finding a way to have access to chrome and that’s how my downfall started form the edging on Facebook to having access to a full browser and the relpase didnt feel good at all. Infact it was painful because I held it off and this shit was so very unpleasant to go through. Starting over from day 0 and this time no edging, A plain Clean streak so when I get to day 7 it will be much easier. Unlike this time where the thoughts were still in my mind and kept thinking about that shit even after day 6. Try to keep my habits going and be successful this time.

Day 0 out of 7


Brother, don’t worry. Don’t blame yourself. Do not get so hard on you. It won’t help you.

I have seen many people who have relapsed and started blaming themselves and many other things, out of anger and agony. I completely understand the feeling you get when you relapse. I know. I myself relapsed many times.

But these days, I don’t blame myself for a relapse. I don’t do it. Coz I know it won’t help.

Let us discuss what really happens.

When you start the NoFap journey, you are in full charge. Fully motivated and inspired to do this. . You will write your journal.
You will set your goals.
You will keep your target.
You block all possible ways of getting relapsed.
You start new habits to replace PMO.

But what you don’t realise is that you are consiously fighting with yourself.
You are seeing yourself as an enemy.
You are seeing your brain as your enemy.

This is the most important problem IMO.
This is the exact reason why you start blaming once you relapse. Since you started the journey making yourself an your own enemy and now you have defeated by that enemy. So automatically you start to blame the enemy, which is unfortunately yourself.

So, my humble request to by fellow brothers, is to see this in a different perspective.

Do not see your brain or yourself as an enemy when you start your journey.
Instead, think of him as your fellow brother who is in a deep trouble. Think of him as he is middle of no where. Only you can help him. And you are starting to help him once you start the journey.

Start your journey considering that you are helping yourself. Not with an attitude that you are fighting against yourself.

When you inculcate this in your mind, then even when you relapse, you won’t blame yourself. Because, your friend was in deep trouble. You tried to help. And unfortunately you failed. And he fell down again. What will you do in such circumstances?

Will you start blaming your friend and start weeping?
No, never. You shouldn’t.

You should say to him: "Am sorry brother. I made a mistake this time. That’s why you fell down. But don’t worry. Am not going anywhere. You please be patient and stay with me. Am coming for you. And I will save you"

Then you should smile at him and start the journey again stronger than before.

Never ever forget this my friend.



All the very best my friend

Keep going.


Thank you so much brother what you wrote really touched me. Thanks for motivation and this time we will succeed I hope you make it to day 7 then 14 then 21 and the number keeps increasing. Seeing you pass day 7 would be such a huge motivation to me. Seeing you succeed will make me succeed and this time WE WILL DO IT RIGHT. No edging or any of that bullshit no erotica the PROCESS OF MAKING MY DEVICE EDGE FREE ZONE IS STILL GOING. And I won’t stop untill everything is gone.

Btw @Taher some tik tok ads are popping on the app. Can you remove them ? Please and thank you


Day 0 out of 7-
Anger and brain fog, the sense of not knowing what to do, the sense of being afraid has came back. In the bright side I can see this as a new start with no edging, no cheating, no erotoca. The will be a good streak hopefully. I have kept up with my new habits for today will do the same tommrow. Im blocking messenger.

Wish me luck guys.


All the best brother.


We don not lose if keep on trying again & again


This journey is not going to be a peace of Cake… therefore only few men travel this side of Road… but its not impossible… You were born for this… You can do this … You are going to make it sooner or later… keep going… never yield…lets do it again

Listen to this song on high volume & do some excercise.

Millions may surrender & bend beneath their fear… but the flames of our resistance was waiting for some air…


True boss, any day can be the day of no return. It happens all of a sudden.


Thank you guys for the motivation. :grinning:


Day 1 out of 7
felt a depressed and numb in the morning until then my mode switched in the afternoon to happy and relaxed to a more social me. I talked to people and remembered my startegy even tho I had no urges. I thought about what I want to do and how Nofap is a better way to take to live a better life while fapping ruins my whole life. I know tomorrow will be different more sad more depressed more numb less social and the day after will be the same. My school has almost started and I failed to fulfil my promise which was to do Nofap the whole break. Now I have to go through school with the old depressed me. Anyways hope when day 3 passes things will get better.

Day 7 here i come


“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”


Today was an okay day. I don’t have a specific word or emotions to describe what I felt today. It was just a regular day I socialized a lot and the time was passing rather quickly. I will do my prayer and mediate.
Other than that I got nothing to say
EDIT: oh and blocking one more app that can make me relapse.

Day 2 out of 7


School starts soon, but untill soon comes I’m going storng and growing stronger…


All the best brother. Stay strong. Keep your motivation


Day 3 out of 7-
I feel more alive today a decent sense of humour haven’t done a lot of productive things but stayed away from fapping so i guess thats a part of being productive. Anyways I feel more energy and more confidence, I’m glad I reached day 6 last time, it made it easier to get my benefits this time.
Will keep my good habits going.

Day 7, I’m coming for YOU!


I completed 7 days today brother.

I want to see you with me soon.

Come soon


CONGRATS BROTHER!! I’m so happy for you, good job now keep going and I’ll follow your lead, unless you relpase than I won’t lol. Anyways keep rising man urges will soon disappeare and Nofap will be so much easier… I had some problems sleeping yesterday I had a light headache and kept on switching my sleeping style, Making sure I don’t sleep on my stomach but eventually went to sleep. Woke up with a lot of energy and ready to go.


Use meditation apps for sleeping. Many of them have special sleep music and all. That may help.
I use those.