Govind-19 diary entries

Bruh, it’s not that I didn’t want to. I asked my parents for a skateboard and they were like you have a cycle… Which made sense. Plus the roads are all shitty.

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Yeah this is a problem here, thankfully my courtyard is properly cemented where I can cruise easily on skateboard.
I am planning on bying a new skateboard after some time because my current skateboard is not much suitable for stunts.

We don’t have courtyards bro. City life…

I’m planning to buy a new bike. Mines not fast enough :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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Oh :sweat_smile:

:joy::joy::+1::+1: nice man.
Man my parents don’t trust me to ride the bike either :joy:, I took it on road just once :man_facepalming:, I haven’t rode it in so long now I think I might have forgotten :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Same applies for our car.


You don’t forget to drive bro. What bike do you have?

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Ok Macha, ima go sleep!

Hail Hydra!

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We have honda shine, it is not a great one :joy:

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Good night bro! @GOVIND-19
hail hydra!

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It has good mileage!:+1::100: I have a Honda unicorn CB 160


Imma take it for a ride tomorrow in the nearby ground :joy::joy:, parents won’t let me take it on road so I’ll make my peace with ground.
I don’t wanna forget man :sweat_smile:.

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Peace. Good night! (8)

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Good night bruh!..

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Day 102

Woke up just in time for classes, logged in and freshened up. Then ate breakfast, watched Pokémon for a while, I had a lot of episodes pending. Then I went up top to read. It felt great, I played the Godfather theme for an hour and read Godfather. I’m loving the book. Hopefully I can continue reading. After that I went to the library with my friend to return the old books we took. Ate ice-cream and went to a sports shop to change the strings of my racket. We had to wait for a while so we went and ate biryani. So much for intense cut​:joy::joy:. Then after coming back, I fell asleep for a while until I woke up just in time to play badminton. We played 6-7. After that I went to my aunt’s house to pick up my suit. We then came back, and watched IPL! Ate dinner and prayed. The IPL match was a nail biter, went down to the last ball. IPL is a big deal for our people. So RCB won the first game, I put the first status of this year. Hopefully we can continue the good form. Ok peace!


Man I am eating like hell today at my aunt’s place, I might have ruined 10 days worth of workout :joy::joy::joy:



Day 103

I don’t really remember when I woke but I logged into classes and freshened up. Ate breakfast and I started watching the fresh Prince of Bel air. I watched till the afternoon when I went with my friend for shoe shopping. My old brown shoes were worn out and I needed new brown shoes to wear with the suit. So we both went on a long ass shopping trip going from one shop to the other. I had brown penny loafers in mind, but brogues or exfords or monk straps would be just as good. I was not planning to buy boat shoes or normal loafers. So after a lot of searching, we found a place with monk straps and brouges. But the monk straps were not made with the best stuff but it was perfect colour and size wise. Brouges were good but colour was too light. After some care evaluation I bailed on both and continued the search. After another hour of searching, I ended up finding a good pair of penny loafers. By the time we reached back it was 5:30 and we rushed to go play badminton. We played 6-7 and after that I went home. I had to prepare for the engagement the next day. Took a shower, ate, watched IPL while doing it. And slept.

Day 104

I woke up early, withdrew some cash and had to deliver it to a person who I’m dealing with. Then I came back, ate breakfast, freshened up, suited up and was ready to leave. So we borrowed my father’s Friends car to go the engagement but my father hit a wall and scratched the right side of the bumper. I called my friend and he said we’ll get it fixed after the engagement. We left, reached early, and the engagement went as planned. Took a lot of pictures. Showed off Infront of the bridesmaids. Walked around the couple like bodyguards, pretended to be the mafia, ate like a king, took a lot of pictures, drank a lot. The usual stuff. After I got back, I called my friend and we went to check with garages he have friends in. Unfortunately all of them were closed coz of Sunday. Then we went back talked a lot and he left. I went home, my father and uncle were drinking already. So I did what any sensible son would do… I joined in to drink and my father like any responsible father poured me more whiskey behind my mom’s back. We got drunk, ate, watched IPL and slept.

Day 105

Woke up in time for classes but didn’t attend coz I had to go to the garage. So I asked my friends to attend the classes for me. I watched the latest episode of my hero academia while I ate breakfast. Then my friend came along and we took the car to the garage. We left it there and walked back. Should have taken my bike, but never thought of it. Then we chilled at my place for sometime and he went to work. The mechanics asked us to get it at 2. I chilled till 3 coz thats when my friend came back from work. We went to get the car but they were still painting it. It was gonna take a couple of more hours so, we had time to spend. My friend had to meet with a client so I went along with him. He had work in a 40 storey building in which he was supposed to meet the client. I was on the appartment adjacent to his so that I don’t disturb him. I was just looking out of the balcony the whole time. I could see both Madhugiri hills and Nandi hills from the top. I just spent time there figuring out what is where and also trying to find a place where we can play cricket. Afte the client meet, we went back to the garage but still work was pending. So we decided to go play. I rushed back home, grabbed my gear and we all went to play. We were 5 of us, and we played 6-7. Then we went to get the car, dropped it off at my father’s Friends place, came back home and me my friend and my father started drinking. We talked and stayed till 11, way past the curfew set by the government. We actually didn’t notice time go by. Then my friend left, I took a shower, ate dinner, prayed and now my hands are numb typing. Ok peace

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: looks like we have totally different understanding of the words sensible and responsible :joy::joy::joy::joy::fire::fire:

Damn man :joy:, you were drunk while chatting today? Couldn’t tell at all.

That was great man, all 3 posts were fairly elaborate :fire:

Lol :rofl::laughing: we do make a good team me and my father

It’s called experience bro. Plus I was considerably less drunk than last night😂

I don’t break my promises or the trust others have in me.

My word is my Bond…
James Bond

Nice nice :joy:

Let’s sleep now bro
Good night, see you later.

Good night bro
Hail Hydra,!

Hail hydra! :fire::fire::fire:

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