Flatline, how much time does it last?

Hi I would like to know how muc time last a flatline

in my case it was often like 5-7 days

I was having it until yesterday, lasted for around 6-7 days. And man today it woke up from hibernation like anything. It was a rock for almost 30 mins no matter how much I meditated. Only I know how did I control my urges today.

Edit: Actually I too entertained the urges thats why it got worse, maybe my brain was playing games with me. I experienced today how our brain makes us act like a zombie without any kind of control upon ourself. I had to fight extremely hard to get out of that trans state.


when I dont masturbate, I dont have any flatline, I just have better erections.

I had flatline just in second week ,it was gone for the third week and right now in my day 32 i am suffering again, estress, anxiety and headcache

Sometimes it is very hard, but if you are clear about your objective and where you want to go, everything seems easie

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Ya, pero normalmente se tiene un periodo de flatline en el que baja tu libido, alomejor esta etapa solo ocurre a las personas que estan superando una disfuncion provocada por la pornografia

Yo estoy en flatline y crisis de fe, no tengo disfuncion, estoy de bajon…como si nada de esto tuviera sentido, ayer mucho estres y dolor de cabeza.

Depends on how you raise your happy chemicals in your brain.

Hermano yo nose como puedes hacer esto si no es por una disfuncion,yo me eo obligado tengo 18 anos y el porno ha hecho q no pueda empalmarme

@Priyankon we are here to work together on a serious problem. We have to learn that sometimes people react out of uncontrolled anger or things like that since we take away our drug.

But deliberately mocking or annoying people is not what we need here. You help no one by doing things like that!

Sorry for removing the off topic content.

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You probably didn’t get what I was saying. But arguing about it would be stupid of me.
And if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m sorry for that. I know my approach was wrong but I guess he understood what I was trying to convey. Peace.:v:

â—ŹWhat is a Flatline?

Flatline is a temporary stage in the porn addiction recovery process that’s marked by an overall lack of libido and sexual dysfunction. This phenomenon was first identified in the early 2000s when the nofap movement just started becoming popular. Not everyone reports going through this phase, but those who’ve experienced it have reported varying symptoms.

Symptoms of Flatline:

â—ŹLow libido
â—ŹErectile Dysfunction
â—ŹLack of Motivation
â—ŹFeeling Fatigued

Flatline is often referred to as the withdraw phase of the reboot process. This period of downtime often causes people to relapse just so they relieve themselves of the negative feelings associated with it. Some guys even report relapsing because they want to make sure that they’re still capable of getting an erection.

â—ŹWhat Causes Flatline?

While the exact scientific cause is not entirely known, it’s believed to be a response to chemical changes in the brain which occur due to years of porn and masturbation abuse. Due to the explosion of extra dopamine and other neurotransmitters being released after porn use, the brain eventually becomes less sensitive to these feel-good chemicals. This process is called downregulation, and it happens to drug addicts as well. Once downregulation occurs, users become dependent on porn just to feel normal. After abstaining from porn use for long enough, the decrease of neurotransmitters is likely what causes the user to experience the flatline effect.

â—ŹHow long Does Flatline Last?

During the flatline process, the brain begins to heal and return to a healthy chemical balance. A Flatline can last anywhere from a few days to many months, but they tend to last around 2 weeks on average. How long it will last depends on the severity of the addiction, and how long it’s gone on for. Although it may seem like it’ll never go away, It’s important for you to understand that what you’re experiencing is temporary and once you make it through the phase, things will get a lot better.

â—ŹTips for Getting through a Flatline

While going through a flatline, you should remind yourself that this step is very necessary, and the changes you will see when it’s over will outweigh any of the negative symptoms you feel. With that being said, here are a few things that can help make this process easier for you.


Do some High-Intensity Exercise – High-intensity exercise(such as running) helps get the blood flowing, and it releases endorphins that will help give you more energy and lift your mood.


Eat More Protein – Protein is essential for the production of dopamine and serotonin. It’s important that we eat enough of it during the reboot process.


Try Tyrosine Supplements – Tyrosine is a precursor to L-dopa, which is a precursor to norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. I highly recommend you try this brand of tyrosine supplements from Amazing formulas.


Avoid Stress – Being stressed out is one of the biggest triggers of relapse. During a flatline, you should try to avoid getting stressed the best you can so you don’t get tempted to give in and relapse, just as many people end up doing in this phase.

Source : http://howtoquitporn.xyz/porn-recovery-flatline-stage-how-to-recognize-and-overcome/


Thanks for this well summed flat line info​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: