Flatline making me depressed

Hello guys,
I need some advice from you all. It’s been 17 days since I started nofap and so far it has been my longest streak. I have started nofap to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Because not only on sex, my dick dont get any erection even when I used to masturbate watching porn too.
But after 17 days,apart from the mentioned problem, there are some certain disturbing things happening to me. I wonder whether these are the symptoms of flatline. I wonder whether these are the symptoms of flatline Or not.

  1. Getting strong urges for m**********.
  2. Can’t focus on my work, used to have mood swings.
  3. D*** getting more weak.
  4. Getting more depressed.
    So are these the symptoms of flatline? If yea, then how long will it lasts??

Also how soon can I start experiencing erection in my penis??
Please help me out!!

This link should take you to a post from @PrinceQasim

He covers the topic very thoroughly and it should answer your questions.

For future questions I highly recommend the search feature on the forum, there are already a lot of great answers on here that aren’t too difficult to find.

Best of luck on your rewire journey!


Hello brother, if you can’t get hard even while Watching porn your dopamine receptor system is damaged slot. You need to stop watching any stimulation stuff. Leave your dick alone, don’t touch it randomly , don’t test yourself, trust the process. You don’t have to worry, once you follow your streak and starve your brain from dopamine , it will be come normal ! How long it takes nobody can answer exactly, everyone is different. But you can heal from that , I had the same problem and Iam cured.

Stay strong and never edge just leave it and you will be Function with time being.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions on that topic or ask here, we can help. Best of luck brother :muscle:

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