Flat Line Help needed

Hello Guys! Can someone share their presonal experiences about flatline? Like signs and symptoms they personally experienced.
I am having feeling like fever; headache; numbness and fatigue. Does flatline increase body’s temperature? I am concerned by increased body’s temperature since 4-5 days…it is like low grade fever but it isn’t but my mind is still cool and calm though sluggish. Is it due to flatline?


Flatline has nothing to do with fever .if u have fever get yourself checked … Basically in flatline , you loose motivation to do things, feel bored , don’t feel like doing things and sometimes headache also can occur…


I have all the symptoms you said bro…plus iam experiencing increased body temperature…but mind is peaceful…only discomfort in body.

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I fear temperature increase shouldn’t be there :fearful:. It has nothing to do with physical aspect

Ok dude. I ll get checked. Heart rate is also increased…Feeling like not doing anything.

Are you having pain in chest ?

No bro. Just feeling a lot of warmth in body and disengagement. But mind is still peaceful…appetite and other things are like before.
Just temperature has increased and heart rate too. Plus libido has gone. Other things are normal.

Yess it is flatline effect brother @Dvija

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Yeah @sakshi11 i also feel the same…Feeling lot more cool after evening walk😎

Some times l also feeling like my body temperature is increasing l also feeling like fever. But l check it thermometer it showing a normal temperature. After replase your body become Inblance. In flatline is healing phase brother @Dvija

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Good to hear that Im recovering. Otherwise i was disturbed by this increased body temperature…heartrate and restlessness i was experiencing since 3-4 days. I was confused that whether it is fever or not…Thanks for sharing your experience @sakshi11

This is Good to read I hope it help …

About me what I did in this mood ??

I go to pray
Or in hard situation I turn off my phone , skipping all of this …
To say :shushing_face: to my brain , everything will be fine you will find it …

Stay strong , believe that this second (time ) will go and you are the master …


Great info. @NhTbH thankyou brother.

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I will share my experience of Flatline which lasted for about 45 days… suddenly numbness in most part of body, erectile dysfunction completely, weakness, no motivation at all, no desire to eat, unable to sleep, no enthu, no interest, lifeless life, depressed, always fearful, vomiting etc etc.
The only thing that kept me going was the hope that i will be fine and kept remembering god the creator, i just had a belief that my internal system funtion of my body is hijacked by god for good reason and redevelopment. All i need to do is have faith and give time.
Just start from little and small things like go for a short walk daily in nature around trees and breath fresh oxygen.
Do not eat junk food or outside food, only fresh simple and light home food.
Start some spiritual activities atleast for 5-10 mins a day.
Try to meditate and start reading and good motivating book.
Just try to come out of Flatline as early as possible.
Let the clean-up of all internal system and brain on its own in this Flatline period. Embrace it. It will be worth to go through this period.
I finally got all my senses and erections and strength back in 45 days…today i am as good as i was earlier infact feel more stronger than earlier. U won’t believe but yes our bodies are resilient, everything comes back… sensations, erections, health, motivation, strength, desire, it’s just that from now onwards need to channelize it properly instead of PMO.
REMEMBER ONE THING, NO PORN, NO FAPPING EVER should be the way of life from now on.
Take care bro n have faith!!


@Rohitash brother thankyou.

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Yes!! I shall be an example of rising from the ashes. For now Iam too weak to run or do vigorous exercises. Bcz I suffer from Shortness of breath and Asthma like conditions. Iam supplementing iron , calcium and multivitamins. After a month I will start PRANAYAMA… And then after 6-7 months depending upon the energy and my body i will start vigorous exercises too. Thankyou for sharing your experiences.


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