Feedback time, Are you guys enjoying your stay here?

You really want the truth from me?

This thread is hot!

@Taher, I think my major ask would be: keep the app simple. It’s amazing how many good ideas are springing here. However, if every nice possible feature would be added, I’m afraid we would end up cluttered, heavy and slow.

Though I also have some features to suggest, I’d say the app is already ideal. What if, in order to add a feature, we had to choose an existent one to put aside? Maybe we should think this way, to keep NF Companion light and straightforward.

Well, but I said I also have some features to suggest, :sweat_smile:
I’d choose:

  • Group / Rearrange companions on the companion tab. Imagine if we could group everyone who’s doing the 90 Days Challenge, and share the group code? We wouldn’t have to add one by one. And if we could shrink / minimize the group view, it wouldn’t clutter the screen.

  • Direct messaging individual companions / groups. It would help a lot.


I have similar plans, groups and messaging might come soon.

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a serious problem with app i faced today was crashing when scroll down the companions section. So for fixing this issue i tried lots of thing but not worked so i decided to clear the app cache and data.
After that i relogin to app but wonder what i see?
No friends, No my streak and it’s a serious problem that this app has and i wish in next update the user data store on account on cloud not on fucking phone.
Thanks dear @Taher

Cloud storage will be implemented soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Sir, why is this showing for some of my companions " invalid code " get their new codes !

Because they generated a new code, could be due to any reason. If you know their forum username you can pm them.

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The ranking system and the things you mentioned seem good.Can we get them please @Taher

Would like a direct notification in the app for NF companion Forum!

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Added to my list @MannyG700

I hope it changes soon, do you think something is missing from the app that’s making you stay the same? @CaptainMan

The one person who can bring a change to yourself is only YOU
Any app will not be good enough if you are not serious about yourself.


@Taher I think there is no need of Google search in advanced search section. I have blocked browsers in my phone, but this in built browser is still remaining. Can you please remove that?

That feature is used by many users i can’t remove it sorry.

@Taher as I relapsed y’day, I was looking the way out so I opened this app… Under the clock there is an Urge tab… I tried for few minutes but didn’t worked for me …

In the Urge Tab where it’s a timer(meditation) and the media… I will suggest you put some questionnaire (related to making better life)… Which leads the person think that he is doing wrong & he should stop immediately or else he will regret later. What exactly is the importance of NoFap in our life & effects… It should be there in the Urge tab…! If we giveup now then how our life will be? … I just gave an examples which will help Not only me… But everyone… because questionnaire give more impact on person life then Motivation I think…this is my opinion.

Overall this is great place to help others… But don’t expect in return…! :pensive: (Sorry I am emotionally down because when I looked for help no one was there…!)

:smiley:I made more clean days when I joined this forum as compared to the days when I am not active in the forum.

We all have to struggle our life by ourselves so I am trying to find the ways out by myself… Not depending on others.

Thanks @Taher helping me whenever I need you. I will definitely help this forum when I will be fine & reach my goal of NoFap.


@Taher Can I get the API used for that feature, please? :pray:

Actually, many are not even aware of it. Recently, I talked to @alexcoz600. He did not know this.
Can we have a vote for this, please?

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I’ll look into it, but since this forum is running discourse forum software I don’t have direct control of source code.

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