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Day 4 :3rd_place_medal: Settler.


Day 5 :2nd_place_medal: Peasant.

Day 6 :trophy: Contestant.

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Day 10 :1st_place_medal: Apprentice.

Day 11 :medal_sports: Struggler.

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Day 11 :memo: Challenger.

Reset the counter to ZER0 after 10 days streak. Didn’t PMO but did sort of. As survived y’day on edge after watching piss Porn & all the sexting n dirty talks with gf, I found it difficult to sleep in night. No Mastubation but I slept on my back & willy got rubbed wrong way. Had to retract foreskin to let it loosen up & sleep well. In morning, had a Wetdream & it was Orgasm I didn’t asked for. But still it was triggered due to my actions, so I was sulking all day abt it. Went to Temple in evening asking for forgiveness & peace. Now I’m back with resolve of total abstain from any kind of Porn. Have to change my ways & develop new habits. Day 0 :back: Prisoner.


A lil Batsy joke for ya :ghost:

Day 2 :2nd_place_medal: Migrant

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Day 4 :dart: Settling in, again.


Day 3. Went for morning walk after long. Watched Endgame on tv, cried a lot. Felt good n inspired. Whatever It Takes.

Let’s Do NoFap ~ Hulk
Hang In There ~ Thor

Day 1.

Day 0.

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Well, when a streak becomes serious, a lot of buried things boil up from the subconscious. Don’t let yourself dragged down from those demonic energies, they want to keep you in their chains. Dreams or nightfall are not relapses in the common, conscious way. So as long as you stay away from p and m, you are getting mentally healthier day by day. The past must be admitted, but move on and build a Devine good hearted future.


Day 2.