Don't love girls

Yeah, it’s not usual for me making topics like these unless I have something to do with it.

Mostly I make when I need inputs from my brothers.

But this one here is because I want to address all my brothers. I know many of you are in your grind and might not be even having thoughts of a girl.

Since she left last month first week, life’s gotten busy for me.

But I had little time today after 4 of the papers of my mid sem got over. I wanted the exams to be more challenging tho to callous my mind since my guru david goggins wants situations to make a calloused mind.

But after this random reel came in my feed I thought of addressing my bros and check if this shit is bothering them and if it did at some point, how did they transform themselves into the chads they are today?


6 months ago, I had a crush on a girl while scrolling on Instagram. She was living abroad for her studies and she is from our state. I don’t know how to express that feeling. I am like having severe stomach pain :joy::joy: I could feel many chemical reactions happening in my brain :joy:
At last, I planned to message her even though we didn’t know each other. I messaged her 100% professionally and with my integrity. I DM her for around 1 month. Every day she saw my message, but no reply. But It was not a problem for me. I was happy that, she was seeing my messages. After a month, one day she replied, I got nervous, So I took my phone away for 30 minutes. And at last, I read, that she told me to not text her anymore. I am having a sudden heart attack. After that, I managed myself. I deleted Instagram. Now, I am ok with myself and focusing on my studies.

N.B; I haven’t texted her like flirting. Just only casual messages, also about her content (she was a content creator, just started at that time, not have many followers) but I gave several ideas etc etc…
Thank you for reading this…


The boy was a fool. Pure. True, but a fool nonetheless. Didn’t know any better.


Will you say the same thing if we change the gender in this scenario?


There’s a saying

If you love a girl, you don’t understand them, and if you understand them, you can’t love them

Now, I am slowly starting to realise the importance of this quote.


This is mine. I had no choice but to give her up and learn to live with it. Now idk if I ever want a girl.

It still hurts so I won’t go into too much details. You can ask general questions though.


Exactly. After I got a picture of some of her character, it was very annoying for me…


Moving on is our greatest weapon.
We are men, no one wants to give shoulder to a crying man.

Accepting this reality has given me lot of emotional clarity.

But with our bros, we can achieve anything.


I wonder if I’ve moved on for this one. But yes it’s definitely a strength. Now I don’t feel much, but it still hurts if I recall the details. I’d recommend you to read what happened.


If anyone wanted to know more.
Shit shit bothered me a lot that time that I had to ask @debellator to close that topic.


I read it except the last line I think.

Because it was getting painful to read. I can only wonder how you went through it when it is painful just to read it.


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I had to look for various sources to ease myself up. A friend of mine to whom I spoke, then Bhagvad Gita.

It was probably a Karmic debt I had to endure, because it was way too specific to happen like that. I was forced to break my walls for her, even though I didn’t want to do it. I had no choice. Then later I was forced to separate from her too, again no choice.


Life will put us in such situations when we will have no choice.

You are doing good, rationally thought about the whole situation, that’s great in itself.


That post doesn’t have the first half (for which I had to break my walls)

So yeah I totally believe that. Sometimes there’s no way out.

Anyway it’s a good thing I got reminded of it because now I have found the anger to endure my urges. I’m still really angry about it.


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl: Damn… I always think same.


Just don’t be always angry about it :wink:



I can see why he told that thing.

Men and women are treated differently and it clouds our judgement sometimes.

But what he said is true tho, that’s a stupid way of approaching. Because true love never existed never will.

Only parents can prove me wrong.


Can’t promise you that bro😂 like I said it was way too specific to happen with me. The first half is still missing. It’s like someone deliberately did that to me. Someone behind the scenes deliberately did it all to make me miserable.


Maybe the girl’s ego problem / fear :sweat_smile:
Or, maybe she felt it creepy.

Dont repeat this further. Focus on your Goals.