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Maybe in the past I was motivated, but I see I did it wrong. After reading Easy Peasy, I see that breaking free from pornography is as easy as it piece of cake.

Currently, I want to continue being part of the @ysub challenge. Because I really like being Rorschach

These are the topics

I don’t want you to read my threads and think that fighting pornography is the hardest thing in the world


Do tell us in 6 weeks how easy it was :slight_smile: I have a feeling it might be a little harder than you think. Nevertheless, keep your chin up and keep going. The will power method has plenty of faults, but it is definitely not as useless as the author in Easy Peasy makes it out to be. All the best!


6 weeks bro? I will win the challenge of @ysub :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m already free from pornography, if I relapse they can charge me until the day of my death

All the best! :fist_right:


I love the enthusiasm you got. I read the easypeasy method. Its quite a different approach. Yet however saying things is not as simply as applying them so always be careful

I am in the marvel- DC challenge as well I never lost a battle and i dont plan to. I look forward to battle you in the future
Good luck


I am a man of my word, it will be an honor to battle with you. Talking about caution with Rorschach seems like a joke… Deadly.

I don’t need luck though thanks.




Where have I seen this before???


Why so serious Rorschach :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I prefer death to failing the word

My code wm100s, witness my arrival at 1000 days in Hardmode

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It is not necessary to follow me, save this code and in 991 days you will check


Whatever u guys are thinking…
Im already liking @Savagin

He’s super cool…

I want u to not relapse for 1000 days in that case brother, atleast to see this attitude keep going…


@Savagin I challenge you for 1000 days of nofap. With the same attitude we have. Do you accept it? Should we create a separate thread for ourselves. :smirk: You can find my sharing code in the profile. :slight_smile:


Make it three I want in


I’m totally with you @Savagin
Allen Carr’s understanding and approach for dealing with addiction is masterful.

Once I realise it is Pmo that is the sacrifice, And not nopmo, will-power is not needed, or at least only for reminding one’s self; “nothing good comes from pmo”

Where I’ve failed was where I didn’t actually want to quit, believing it was bringing me happiness.
As a 38 year old I can say “Nooo way, it does not make me happy, but traps me”

It is what we entertain in our thoughts and what we believe that either helps us or traps us.

“Lust indulged became habit, and habit unresisted became necessity”
~ St Augustine

Personally, I’m strongly against challenges and high ideas of high streaks. Anyone who reads or EasyWay by Allen Carr would understand that, and why.


@PLAGG @ali4th

I’m inside brother

thank you little brother, I will not disappoint

I’m your Anna


Many people in the Brazilian forum just read the Easy peasy translated version and disappeared. Many were healed. And others didn’t even leave reports of what reading the book provides. If I reach a thousand days without applied willpower. It could, in addition to motivating, say that it is totally possible to kick the habit whenever you want. Whoever you are.

“The problem is not explaining why it’s easy to drop PMO, the problem is explaining why it’s hard”


Alright brother, so should we prepare a separate thread for this, as @Dean_Ambrose , @nofapstar123 and others did?


Verdade total. Depois do método EasyPeasy parei de usar a força da vontade para “vencer” algo que no fundo não existia, era só imaginação minha. Parabéns pela jornada. Um abração.

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Sim irmão e você está fazendo um trabalho excepcional, obrigado e por favor continue postando. Gosto de ler seus tópicos. Abraço.

Good idea


Lets do this :tornado::fire::volcano:

Please decide who shall create the new thread.



You gave the idea, I think it’s fair for you to create it.


Thanks for giving this opportunity, but I’m new to the forum, kind of confusing for me, how I’ll create those tables, and what stuff should I type. :sweat_smile:

I hand it to @ali4th for rest of the clearance. Hope he manages to do. Else we have many other pro brother like @rewire_user @Samaranjay @Dean_Ambrose @nofapstar123 :fire::fire::fire::fire:


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