Count Your Victories Challenge 🔰

Hey Everyone, :handshake:

We often ignore the fact that How many times we win from those urges which are so persistant and we don’t appreciate ourselves for fighting and Conquering Win over those First thoughts which could lead to Relapse. Since, We defeat them so easily we don’t really think of it as an achievement. But If you paid attention to that first thought of doing PMO. It has a potential to make you relapse. That’s why it’s really important to shut down that first thought.

This Post might Help you :point_down:

Why You should not relapse thinking it as the last time doing it :point_down:

This Thread is Particularly for counting your wins :star2::100:
Winning every single time from these urges, will eventually take us to Great Heights and Great Streaks :fire: It’s no denying that urges will keep coming, I have been in contact with those who are on 1000+ they do face urge and strong urge. But they have gotten so strong defeating so many urges in the past. That they know how to deal with it.

Everytime you beat an urge, You become stronger than before. It’s like you get a Level Up Card :muscle:
Let’s Beat this Modern Drug
Let’s Do this Warriors :fire:


  1. Relapse stories :x: should not be posted here
  2. Add Your Name to the Scoreboard
  3. Add Your Points in the Scoreboard
  • :keycap_ten: Points - For Defeating Urge /First thought of PMO
  • :one::five: Points - For Defeating Night Urge/When You are alone by Yourself.
  1. Share Your Current and Highest Streak as Well. :beginner:

If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You Die. If You Don’t Fight You Can’t Win. The Only Way to Win is to Fight !:fire:

Good Luck Everyone, Let’s Give Our Best :muscle::100:


Scoreboard :star2:

Name Day MHS Points
:beginner:rewire_user :three: :one::eight: 15+10
:beginner:Fizuli :four: :three::seven: 25
:beginner:prothekter_aden :one: :two::zero: 0
:beginner:Yash21 :one: :two: :three::three: 35
:beginner:Adioz :five: :two::one: 50
:beginner:Samaranjay :two::nine: :one::three::four: 95
:beginner:GOVIND-19 :two::one::two: :two::one::two: 0
:beginner:ysub :five::five: :one::three::three: 0
:beginner:PowerfulNFPWarrior :zero: :one::six: 135
:beginner:Amamn :two: :one::zero: 0
:beginner:piyushchandak :five: :two::six: 35
:beginner:RegretHater :three: :one::four: 25
:beginner:Dean_Ambrose :zero: :two::five: 25
:beginner:Mahesh27_03 :zero: :two::zero: 0
:beginner:ErenYaeger :zero: :two::one: 0
:beginner:Wick_op :two: :two::two: 10
:beginner:shoreline :nine: :three::zero: 0

I’m in bro. I want to join this challenge and note down my victories to which I can look back to and beat an urge if it’s hovering over me!


No worries buddy…! Just Don’t Ever Give up. You will be more miserable if you give up and Feel hopeless. Get back, Gather more information about nofap. Read self help books. This Addiction feels good just before relapse. After it it feels like the worst thing ever. Read that post above brother. That helped me. Might help you as well. It’s from the easy peasy hackbook.


When this challenge starts, brother?
Yesterday at nighttime I had very strong urges, which didn’t give me a good sleep. I struggled with them 2 hours
Also in morning I had urges, but turned off my phone and prayed

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@Fizuli @prothekter_aden Do Share Your current and highest streak :handshake::100:
@Fizuli this challenge is already started. Whenever you face an urge, come and post here. And try to defeat that urge with whatever method you have. If You win add the points by yourselve to the scoreboard :star2::v:

:beginner:10 Points - Defeating Urge/First thought of PMO
:beginner: 15 Points - Defeating Night Urge or when you are alone

Good Luck You Guys…! :muscle::fire:


Added myself to scoreboard.

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Current Streak: 33 mins
Highest streak: 20 days 14hrs


Added you bro…The Post is editable you can edit it to Add Points :+1:

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Sure bro. Thank you very much


Hey Bro @rewire_user Add me
Current Streak : 8 Days
Highest Streak : 33 Days.

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I invite my friends to Join this challenge :fire::handshake::100: -
@Samaranjay @nofapstar123 @Dean_Ambrose @GOVIND-19 @Tagore @Ash_Matt @vickyx @PowerfulNFPWarrior @Prox @ysub


I am ready to join this challenge…
I already added my name.

btw what is MHS in scoreboard?

My highest streak was 21days.
C. S:- 0d 18hrs

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My Highest Streak

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I feel honoured that you tagged my post in the description of this thread :sob:
I am joining.
But now a days I am cutting down all the sexual type of thoughts even before they disrupt me. And I am sleeping before 12 daily. So urges are minimized (more so because I had nightfalls recently)
But I would still try to take note of the moments when I ignored an urge


Oh forgot
Highest streak 134 days
Current streak no exact idea but I think it is 29 days, you can check my counter for confirmation


Sure I’m in… Great thoughts there… but May i please know the difference Brother @rewire_user


Night Urges are very hard to deal with brother. You are all alone by yourself and You can’t do anything to distract yourself. Those are tough times. That’s why 15 points coz I think it’s worth it. :sweat_smile::100:


Lovely concept bro! I’m in​:handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake::handshake:


I am in brother, thanks for letting me know about this, it will keep me motivated whenever i will face an urge. :fist_right::fist_right::love_you_gesture::fist_left::fist_left: