Compete with me challenge [entries open for anyone who wishes to stop PMO forever]

Day 1 and 2

These 2 days I’ve been calm and chilling, my mind was occupied in other things and the urges where not a big problem. But at night when I was trying to sleep I was very tempted to search porn but I could resist. I hope this day to go better cause today will be the first time to reach one week with out masturbation.


Thanks man… Got it now!
Code is: buhaso

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Added bro… welcome

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Well… keep resisting… that is for good bro… never try to watch porn

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Can you please add me
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Day 3 of challenge / Day 4 of No Fap
:white_check_mark: Check In.

I’m experiencing strong urges since morning. But a very less will to masturbate. But not letting my guard down. Gonna cross 100 days.

But the main thing is I’m experiencing a strange behaviour whenever I’m chatting with my female friends. I feel strangely attracted not sexually but emotionally. I guess It’s some withdrawal symptom but it’s just 3 days. Nevermind. I’m focusing on other works. That’s it for now

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Welcome bro… 3rd group competition

Maybe that are just withdraw symptoms

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Day 3/10 (1st round)
My day was so tough, i never experienced urges like that… i had to go away from home and walk some kilometers just to fade my urges… after few hours it disappeared!!
But now i dont feel anything about porn or masturbation… i dont feel at all…
Atleast there is no urges!!

Day 3/10 (1st round) Day 16 of nofap.

Today was better than last 4days alhamdulillah, because there were less urges compared to before and also I had more energy today when I went to gym at evening.

Yes bro that’s natural. Maybe you are in need of emotional connection and due to lack of that connection you were addicted to pmo, maybe it’s just my thought.

Anyways don’t let that distract you and let you slip from your way.

Keep going strong brother

And ask for help if you are not able to cope with the urges or thoughts.


Day 4 of Challenge / Day 5 of No Fap
Daily Check :white_check_mark: In
Take on Objectifying Women -

One the main reason why people particularly me Masturbate is because they get easily AROUSED when they see pictures of Pretty Girls or Women on Social Media.

This is because We have trained our mind to see how we want to see them i.e Sexually. The have forgotten how to praise Beauty. How our mind immaculately react to what we find beautiful instead we Objectify them and Think of them as Sex objects at very first Glance.

SOLUTION - MIND TRAINING - Whenever you see a girl on Instagram on Anywhere. And you think of them Sexually just then Stop your mind from thinking that and think about the immaculate , innocence in beauty. How it attracts you? And think of that You would not Objectify them. DO THIS EVERYTIME whenever you see a girl picture. And then your mind will automatically be trained and u no longer have to think about this.

This is what I tried to do today. It was hard. But yes. I tried. My day was good today. Learning and observing good things. Thanks.

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Day 4/10 (1st round)
This day was awesome at all… bcoz i didnt feel urges… it’s just like my body start to realize the truth that i can live without porn or masturbation.

I say that bcoz day 3, i faced strong urges i never felt before but i managed to control myself. But surprising i dont feel urges as always but i feel comfortable and cofident…
Thanks all member of this challenge… i hope that this challenge will be just a beggining of our new life… nofap has a lot of benefits guys!

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Bro social media is one of the biggest enemy of nofap buddies… as you said mind training is so important… i appreciate that

Hi guyz. I successfully for the First time completed 5days.

I want to tell you that now I’m going in
for 10 Days . ( i.e. 20 April 2021)

What is Sage Mode -
:muscle::muscle:Easy Mode - No Masturbating and Orgasm.

:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:Medium Mode - No PMO

:point_right::point_right:Hard Mode - No PMO + Delete Tinder(if installed)+ Daily Check In (except under emergencies)

:frog::frog:SAGE MODE = Hard mode
+ No Movies and Series or Anime. +
Can’t Use Explore button on Instagram+ Sleeping before 10:30 PM.

:person_fencing::person_fencing:SUSANO + SAGE MODE = Sage Mode + Only 1 hour if Social Media (except LinkedIn - 30 minutes extra for LinkedIn)

:full_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face:INFINITE TSUKUYOMI = No Social Media , No PMO, No Movies, Series,Anime. Read atleast 5 Pages of Articles or Books that will Help you gain knowledge.

:person_in_lotus_position::person_in_lotus_position:The BRAHMAN MODE - Infinite Tsukuyomi Mode +No Sex + No foreplay + 1 hour of Phone in a day

:headphones::headphones:Soul Binding Sealing Jutsu - a.k.a Dopamine Detox. You can’t use anything that gives to pleasure. Phone, tv, junk food, comics, porn nothing. Except Study and Workout. (Do overdo it for more than 2 days in the beginning )

Note - This App is not included in Social Media.

LinkedIn is partially a social media app. So if you wamt to use it just give ut at most 30% extra time than other apps.

And this is only my criteria of Modes. Others’ criteria may Vary.!

My Sage Mode Wallpaper


Hi please add me!

Or is it too late?

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I would like to join in the challenge if possible

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Hey man! I completed 4 days streak and challenge as well. Please update it!

Also, to share, I haven’t felt any urges till now and it has been easier this time. I guess it’s because I’ve enter 2 challenges and subconsciously it has become fun to not Fap. And one of the rule that says “thinking of sexual thoughts on purpose is also a relapse” has helped me, to keep my mind totally alert all the time. It’s really good how things are working. One thing that keeps me alert is, whenever I use my phone, I make it a point to first open this app, look at my streak, forum, etc. And that fills me up with more will power to stay clean and saves me from spending any irrational time on phone.

Really appreciate each and everyone who is doing this.:pray:


Congrats bro… keep going… always remmember to make your mind clean… it helps a lot…
Click this👇 link… you may also learn something;

Welcome… added to 4th group you will compete with @TheCharismaticMedic

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