Compete with me challenge [entries open for anyone who wishes to stop PMO forever]

Hello guys!
◇5th day since i joined this forum.
◇20 ages
◇high streak was 21 days
◇Current streak is 5 days
◇my sharing code: 28umex

All you need to do is to compete with me to accomplish high streaks!

◇First round;
Me and you for 10 days.
◇Second round;
Me/somebody and you for 20 days.
◇Last round
Me/somebody and you for 30 days.

Within first 10 days… all winners will be anounced then they will compete each other (on dual) for the next round (20 days)!

Also, after second round… all winners will be announced again… then they will compete each other for the Last round (30 days).

After last round, winner/winners will be announced again for the prize.

Winner/winners will be granted a special video made for them containing unique and amaizing content, as the reward for their hustle!

•Watching porn is a relapse.
•Masturbation is a relapse.

Also, as long as you do it on purpose;
•Sexually thoughts is a relapse.
•Peeking by any means is a relapse.
•Playing your dick for no reson is a relapse.

If you join this challenge, and you break any rule above, you must count it as a relapse so you have to start with 0days again… make sure you don’t forget to down vote on app if you relapse in oder to start your new journey… from 0days (Other way to say you are out until next challenge).

•If you really want to overcome the monster (PMO) follow the rules and be honest with you first then with us.

•Any time you encounter urges… never settle down to fight it… but you have one option… RUN AWAY!!! and find friends get something to talk and forget about urges.

•Never ever stay idle/ alone without anything to do… this will make you get urges.

•Simply give your sharing code.

Also my sharing code is mentioned in introduction pharse.

All relapses will be announced after every 24 hours.
》If possible, check-in✅ is required everyday.

》You can also share with us the way you overcoming urges and your diary in short. (Option)

》There will be several groups for this competition.
1st Group > are those who joined first 24hrs of this post.
2nd Group > are those who joined second day.

》If anyone relapses, will be shifted from his/her current group to the last group of the competition.
He will start again this competition with 0days.

For any question or suggestion…
You’re all welcome…!!!


1st GROUP COMPETITORS (From 5th April 2021)
1- esodiesodi > 5days streak
2- Priyanshuu > 13days streak
3- nofapstar123 > 3days streak❌
4- valiant_warrior > 0days streak
5- noname0000 > 0days streak
6- LuisJ > 4days streak
7- slave_of_allah > 13 days streak
8- hereisamq > 0 days streak
9- s123 > 1 day streak
10- better_one > 0days streak
11- babi > 123days streak
12- Ishida > 3days streak

2nd Group COMPETITORS (From 6th April 2021)
1- nofapstar123 > 0days
2- Lion_786 > 14days
3- Trahman > 0days
4- 101nofappist > 12days

3rd Group COMPETITORS (From 8th April 2021)
1- youhhh12 > 0days :x:
2- esodiesodi > 8days

4th Group COMPETITORS (From 10th April 2021)
1- Alpaco > 0days
2- TheCharismaticMedic > 0days

5th Group COMPETITORS (From 11/04/2021)
1- @Mehedi934 > 3days
2- @24hours24 > 1day
3- @BetterVersionOfMe > 1day
4- @Different > 0days
5- @ameybang > 0days
6- @youhhh12 > 0days

RELAPSES 1st ROUND (all names will be written here after every 24hrs)
Day 01
• nofapstar123
Day 02
•no relapses
Day 03
•no relapses
Day 04
•no relapses
Day 05


I am there ? I want to join this challenge

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Give your sharing code

Yo add me
Sharing code :- qarxb3
Current streak:- 13 days

Lets see who wins :v:

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Congrats… you’re in!

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Im in
Sharing code: ea1v0q
Current streak 3 day

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You’re welcome bro… done add you

I am in bro
Sharing code aeo22v
Current streak 0

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Sharing Code - rje721

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Youre welcome bro
Youre added

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Youre included

I want to do it
Sharing code: oa4a3x
Current streak: 4 days

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Welcome @LuisJ
Youre in

At first make a scoreboard .then add persons there


Well bro… note that!!

Iam in

Sharing code : l6ankk

Current streak : 13days

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Welcome… done add you

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Add me plz .
My sharing code: ydnla1

Current streak : 0 days


Add me bro
My Sharing code: rsyg30