Comparative study of various religions and their thoughts on PMO

Link of word document to collaborate online!AsGgX_bldwdHi0-BssZg_TixqUWq

Hey Y’all!! So we all know various religions have their own way of dealing with Pitfalls men(incl women) encounters into its journey(life)

These pitfalls range from something as small as “Not able to concentrate” to “Committing crimes and big stuff”

Through this thread, My Sole AIM is to make a Catalog of select quotes, verses, directions, guidelines given in Various religions for ready reference purposes.

This shall serve as a Comparative guide and also a source of instant information access and act as a knowledge base for further studies.

I am a HINDU and therefore possess knowledge pertaining HINDUISM only…therefore I encourage you all spiritual people in this lovely community to collaborate with each other and help maintain this topic

What has to be done?
Ans – I am yet to decide upon format and the way we all can present this, So…drop in your SUGGESTIONS…have attached an example of what I think we can do, along with its document link

I have already reached out to people of the following religions by tagging their respective posts

  1. Hinduism
  2. Christianity
  3. Islam
  4. Jainism (Tag thread - needed)
  5. Buddhism (Tag thread - needed)
  6. Judaism (Tag thread - needed)
  7. Others (Tag thread - needed)

I am REALLY EXCITED about this thread and the coming together of people in making this a SUCCESS

Format of Catalog

Eg (Topic Based) :-

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