CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



4 days sir,how to get heart??,purity6 here


@purity6 give me your sharing code


name purity6,sharing code 996ff4


Today is a big day!

The competition kicks off today, which also means it is the last day to be able to enter the July Prize Event Challenge. Let your friends know!

I will remove the name of the event from the thread title after today so I am not giving the impression that people can still enter. But rest assured it is still going ahead even if you don’t see it in the title anymore :slight_smile:

It is also a big day because with the recently acquired :blue_heart: by @purity6 we now have a total of 20 players on the Leaderboard, awesome! This makes it more fun for everyone as it is exciting to try to make it as far as you can in a Leaderboard with so many contestants.

Remember @purity6 now you have your first heart you are free to start counting from 0 again in the same group or another while keeping your blue heart!

So keep working hard everyone else because this :purple_heart: won’t be around again for potentially a very long time!


thanks for motivation


sir,how do i enter next challenge,7 days,


@purity6 All you do is click the edit button at the bottom of the scoreboard and cut and paste your name, sharing code etc from where it is right now to the group you want it to be in :slight_smile:

Sorry to see you go @Johny, is there any reason why? :frowning:


As of now at midnight July 6th GMT the challenge begins! It will end at August 5th midnight so do your best everyone :slight_smile:


ADD ME ALSO…I’ve edited above …@petrassib


Dont be scared @petrassib i just moved myself from 7 day challenge to 30 day challenge. I am determined to get purple heart :+1:


add me on the list, please, I started this month and I’m going to the 6th day, I’m Brazilian and my code is 52c13a


@Johny That is a relief to still have you on board, good luck with the two 30 day challenges! :slight_smile:

@_caldas Have a read of the rules to learn how to join the challenge, it’s really simple! Welcome to the group, I wish you the best :facepunch:

A big congrats to @BlueGladiator and @nugs_002 for your simultaneous blue hearts! BlueGladiator it is only fitting that you have a blue heart to represent yourself with haha! Well done :slight_smile: And Nugi, great to have you officially join us on the Leaderboard sporting your proud accomplishment, keep adding on more hearts and climbing the ranks :facepunch:


Well done @BruceLee! Our first member to achieve 5 hearts in total and at the same time you have broke through to the Top 5! :facepunch: You’re on fire keep it up :slight_smile:


@petrassib 340+80 = 410 :joy:


Sorry I need a maths lesson :sweat_smile:


Congrats on your first heart, the yellow heart! A massive achievement, it is great to have you join us on the leaderboard, and you are straight to 11th place well done!! Keep going :grin::facepunch:


Thanks, feels good to succeed in these challenges especially because we have to work so hard to win over the urges. Next, I will try for a green heart.
Good luck for everyone!!!:smiley:


@petrassib I had to format my smartphone and as it turns out I have lost the record of my streak. What happens now? Do I have to start from day-0 in the 30 day group? Am I disqualified from july prize event??


Sorry to hear that, no you will not lose your streak in this group and you will not be disqualified :slight_smile:


@SelfMadeNinja Congrats on earning the blue heart! :slight_smile: Welcome to the leaderboard. Feel free to move on to another heart group :facepunch: