CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Hey bro @petrassib I am back please give me a quick update on what happened while I was gone


Hey @aneeque444, great to have you back! :slight_smile:

I started a sponsored 30 Day challenge with a couple of special rewards including an event exclusive :purple_heart: for everyone who completes it and one winner will also get a free paid version of the app!


Thank you sir. I will move when I do 30 days.


So what do I do?? I mean how do I get on that challenge(which means can I get in)


Sorry @aneeque444 there was several days where I was accepting applicants but it has been a week since the competition started so I can’t accept anyone at this point :frowning:


refresh - 7f59b9 - Day 0


I left the 30 day group and added myself to the 100 day group. I did this because I feel confident enough to take on a bigger challenge. Thanks @petrassib for keeping us all motivated.


@refresh Welcome to the challenge! Have a read of the rules to learn how to join :slight_smile:

Thank you @MrXYZ and I wish you the best of luck reaching your 100 day goal. I hope you reach it! :grin::facepunch:

Congratulations to @Accelerator on achieving an orange heart! Not an easy feat, I’m attempting it myself at the moment, I will try to follow in your footsteps :slight_smile: Keep up the brilliant work, I can’t wait to see you continue to gather more hearts :+1:


Well no problem I’ll just continue with the other challenge


Definitely brother @petrassib . I hope I will gather all the hearts in a single streak.and you too have the strength to do so…Good luck bro.


Well done to @levimorris4567 on getting your first yellow heart! It isn’t an easy streak to get so pat yourself on the back for it :slight_smile:

And congrats for your first green heart! You are racking up some points now for yourself. Keep up the streak!

The two of you have synced up and met in the 11th place on the scoreboard, can’t wait to see where you both go from here :slight_smile:


Thanks man, your dedication for this group and your encouraging words have affected everyone here in a positive way pushing us forward to a better life. Next I’m going for the 100 days challenge.


Wow thanks for saying so! I’m glad my words are having an impact, I hope you can see yourselves the same way and appreciate your accomplishments :slight_smile:

I wish you the best of luck for your next big challenge! :grin::facepunch:


Yay, finally got to 100 clean days mark.

@petrassib please add me to the leaderboards.
I will reset the days and start over in the 100 days team.


Wow you have finally done it @bl4z3, you have accomplished a 100 Day streak in this thread and won the black heart! :trophy:

Your commitment and perseverance have paid off and you have gone from number none to Number 1 on the Leaderboard right beside our other black heart winners @me14do and @eric.wilson!

As a second reward for this accomplishment I have added a tag for the top 5 players on the Leaderboard so that any who watch the Leaderboard can easily click into these players profiles and follow their posts and progress. You guys deserve some attention for your achievements!

Well done again @bl4z3 and I am excited to see if you can be the first to get two black hearts!! :facepunch:


@petrassib I want to join this journey.

My sharing code 0c14339


It would be great to have you on board @rkrajibk1! Have a read of the Rules to learn how to join, it’s very simple :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


This is an update for those who have lasted through the first third of the July Challenge. We lost 7 challengers in the last 11 days. The brunt of our losses will always happen in the beginning so I hope the last 9 of us can hold out another 19 days and come out on the other side together :facepunch:

I amended the :purple_heart: value so now you get double the points for one! Bringing it up to a 200 point value. Remember you can be earning another heart at the same time as this one which is why it is half the value of a normal 30 day streak in points. But it used to be a quarter value so I wanted to give a greater sense of accomplishment and decided to double it’s worth.

I hope this helps those of us that are left to give that bit more of an incentive to do our best and come out on the other side together :fist:

@BruceLee @Accelerator @levimorris4567 @Colder @MrXYZ @Babi


Congrats @nugs_002 on your first green heart! You’re making a great start for yourself now. Keep up the brilliant work I look forward to seeing you continue to achieve :slight_smile: :+1:


Thank you very much @pertassib. I’ll give my best effort