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It is the journey, not the destination is a great way to put it (albeit cliched).

Thank you for the inspiring, motivating content you have posted throughout this thread.


A lot of these things are cliched for a reason! True words :slight_smile:

And thank you for saying so! I feel responsible for those who post and participate here because I want this thread or space to be a place where people can learn to accept themselves and oftentimes people just need to hear the right words at the right time in order to be able to do that :slight_smile:


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Less water before bedtime to reduce morning wood, if that’s part of the problem. Keeping your mind preoccupied helps stop the trigger but if your urges are strong that’s something you gotta figure out. I’ve heard push-ups, cold showers, and exercise help with strong urges. @failure_0


Morning wood is an issue with me also and I have relapsed before because of it. I can give a bit advice for this specific problem thankfully. Unfortunately it is one of the more potentially difficult pieces of advice to follow depending on the person.

Mainly morning wood is caused in the morning because in the morning you are waking up and falling back asleep several times much more in the morning that in the evening. This predisposes you to dreams that are more lucid or vivid and leaves you very vulerable to arousal.

The main direct way I can see to combat this is when you start drifting in and out of sleep, just wake yourself up and get out of bed. If you start drifting in and out of sleep then the longer you stay in bed the higher and higher your chance will be of arousal. So you can stop the process by leaving the bed at this point.

Another less direct but potentially quite effective way to deal with it is this. You can do it alongside the first tip which is useful. A couple reasons why we start drifting in and out of sleep in the morning is 1: Because we are used to waking up at that time and 2: Because of external stimuli telling us it’s time to start waking up.

You can’t do much about reason 1 so if that is definitely what it is then tip 1 might be the best solution. If there is any chance that it is because of 2 then this tip should help you: Have all windows and drapes/curtains/blinds in your room fully closed. You want as little sound of the morning activity getting in as possible and as little light as possible. These things trigger your body to start waking you up bit by bit. If you have not slept enough you will keep falling back asleep but the outside light will continue to activate your bodies internal clock and wake you up anyway.

This is what triggers vivid dreaming and vivid dreaming is a one stop shop to arousal!

So shut your room off totally to the outside when you sleep and rely purely on an alarm rather than on the sunlight. The alarm will wake you up instantly, preventing the drifting effect. The sun wakes you up bit by bit, meaning you drift in and out loads. Shut out the sun and if you are starting to waking up try to get up as soon as possible.

Hope that helps @failure_0 :slight_smile:


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