CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



I want to start a fresh as I have a feeling I am unnecessarily rewarding myself with all those hearts


But you earned them! You start fresh by counting from 0 again on a heart, but I only reccommend that you keep the hearts because they remind you what you have accomplished in the past.

Everyone I know in this challenge who has removed all of their hearts has left the competition very soon after. I think this may connected because they punish themselves by removing the hearts and then it feels like it is all for nothing and they are making no progress and leave. Maybe if they kept their hearts it would have helped them to realise what they have accomplished!

I don’t reccommend removing hearts because this whole challenge is designed the way it is so you learn to celebrate your successes and acknowledge the amazing work that you’ve done! If you are punishing yourself by removing hearts then I think you are making it harder to heal because you are wounding yourself further when you relapse.

Maybe you are not doing it to punish yourself at all and then if that is the case perhaps you will get on ok continuing but at the moment people remove their hearts usually quit soon after.

I still reccommend you to do however you feel will benefit you the most, but I felt compelled to share something I have noticed so I hope that helps!


You have made a good few points there
It has got me thinking
Very well , I will restore my hearts


You did earn them don’t forget that! You are recording all your accomplishments and you have several, be proud of that :slight_smile:


I feel you know like I didnt accomplish anything though


I think you’re comparing yourself to me and feeling bad about yourself then because that isn’t true at all! I consider every one of those hearts you get to be a genuine achievement because they are!

Wherever you’re at it is important to pay most attention to your path and what is easy or hard for you. And because I understand this I have an appreciation for every milestone, hurdle and achievement that people on this journey have accomplished, large or small.

You seem to be looking down on yourself quite a bit, know that in order to overcome addiction we must overcome our tendency to put ourselves down and treat ourselves badly. It is not about who gets the longest streak or the most hearts or who does ‘monk mode’ for the longest, it is about who, despite all that has happened to them to make them addicts and how they have treated themselves during their addiction, can still learn how to love and accept themselves despite all their faults and even for their faults.

All that matters is how much you accept yourself, damage and weaknesses included, not how high on the leaderboard you are.


*Started on 19th June 2018


wet dream wet dream wet dream :weary:
i know wet dream is not a relapse
but wet dream give me a bad feelings & i notice i’m losing my confidence
so i restart this journey :weight_lifting_man:
Two month’s detail 16 april to 17 june

1 28 april
2 2 May
3 4 May
4 2 june
5 4 june
6 8 june
7 10 june
8 17 june
4 may - 2 june 28 days my high streak without wet dream
I wake up daily at 6am -6:30am o’clock
90% nightfall is 2 hour before morning 4am-6am nightfail Happened
Now i wake up early with alarms help
Sometimes my brain says :speech_balloon:
It seems like, i earned energy from hard work.
A few days later, A thief comes and takes it
I should do something to save energy from that thief. :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:


I want to join gonna go for 7 days first

Here’s my sharing code 8a0643
Do I just put myself in?


Yep @levimorris4567 all you need to do is edit the scoreboard and add yourself in! Great to have you on board :slight_smile:

And @BruceLee it is great to meet someone with the same problem as me!! I average a wet dream every 5 days since I started NoFap pretty much a year ago. I have some tips with you that directly help this problem that I have developed and come to understand over the years.

Click on my profile and look at my top comments. The bottom ‘Top comment’ should be ‘Cause Of Wet Dream’. I really recommend that you click into this and read what I wrote there in regards to wet dreams. I believe there might be some helpful advice there you may not know already. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and I will attempt to link it for you :slight_smile:

Keep fighting strong brother, I have the same problem and it just means our NoFap journey has an obstacle that is harder to control than most others so we must be even stronger in order to overcome. We can get there by supporting and helping each other, solidarity is key, hopefully I can help you even a little :facepunch:


So sorry @rvsc1997 I forgot to add your last blue heart to the leaderboard! Now I have updated your position properly with your most recent blue and green hearts. You may be pleased to know you have made it into the top 10!! :grin:

Very well done on those recent hearts, take pride in those accomplishments, it is about small and steady change right now that will bring about long lasting, effective change long term :fist:


Thank you @petrassib . Feeling proud and motivated.


Your right about that
I am giving you dopamine high everytime I like ur post :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I do tend to compare myself for example to @nagate but only for my motivation and not for feeling bad


Yep @failure_0 all you need to do is edit the scoreboard and add yourself in! Great to have you on board :slight_smile:


Hi guys I’m new in this challenge, just relapsed yesterday night after 15 days. I’m disappointed with myself cause the urge came and I folded like a cheap card, didn’t even tryed hard enough. My biggest streak is 42 days, but now I’m struggling to pass 15 days. It seems that for me the longer the days I’m not PMOing the harder the urges. Anyway I entered the 15 days challenge and I wish good luck for everyone and for me as well on this difficult path that is no PMO.


Great to hear about a bit of what you’re going through! Sorry that it isn’t feeling very easy right now. Unfortunately the first 15 days are the hardest days for everyone. Once you get past that things get significantly easier but before then you would be most vulnerable to relapse.

Don’t be hard on yourself, that is a very common problem on this journey. Don’t focus on getting 100 days if you can help it but instead try to go for 16 or 17 and if you need to relapse then then thats ok. After that go for 20 or 21 days and same thing again if you really need to relapse you can just let it happen.

This might not work for everyone but it has been effective for me. It takes the big guilt from relapsing out because you achieve your goal of just a couple days more and at the same time your threshhold before relapsing continues to increase, hope that helps :slight_smile:


@petrassib I have some tests coming for 3 weeks so I will be inactive untill the end of next month .
I just wanted you to know why I have not been active


Thanks for updating me bro :slight_smile: Best of luck with those exams! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself right now for NoFap unless that helps you, exams are more important. Good luck! :+1:


Don’t give up on yourself, you are worth the effort!

You add yourself into the scoreboard by editing it :slight_smile: