CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



i’m going step by step,
i mean orange heart :orange_heart:


10 days left till my orange heart !!! Yeaahhhhh​:blush::blush:


Niiice, your perseverance is paying off! :smile:


can i pinned this group


No you cannot pin the group


The scoreboard can saved as a bookmark for a quick access. The bookmark symbol is under the three-dots menu of each message. The thread can marked as Watching, so you get a notification for new messages.


8 days remaining wish me luck fellows


Hi guys,
heading for the green heart. How it works if I accomplish 7 days ? Can i go for higher hearts if i dont relapse ? I am not sure if I am able get 15 days heart now. Good luck to other competitors :+1:


Welcome to the challenge @Johny, good to have you on board :slight_smile:

Once you get a heart you can’t lose it even if you relapse, hope that clears things up for you!


Thank you @petrassib. Its great and challenging oportunity to get the better from me.


@petrassib I have relapsed and for a change I am removing myself from the competition though I will be checking in the community daily , I want to see if I can do nofap without a match
So good bye atleast for a while


Sad to see you go @aneeque444 but I trust you are making the decision for the good of yourself so I wish you good luck and I hope you continue to succeed :slight_smile:

You at least get to stay on the leaderboard with a :checkered_flag: and you are more than welcome to return if you ever would like to again :slight_smile:


I want to see if I can improve myself (through an app called personal development )


Hopefully that bears fruit for you :slight_smile:


I have given some thought to it and I am coming back to these challenges but I want to start a new, so I have removed the hearts


Welcome back @aneeque444! Good to see you again :slight_smile:

Why do you want to remove your hearts? Shall I keep them on your place in the Leaderboard?


I want to join but I cannot edit.
60 days target starting: 0.


give me your sharing code


Hey bro. It’s ec7789


@petrassib I am changing my username from ‘parmalchouriya99’ to 'Accelerator ’ could you please replace my name.
My new sharing code is 39d31a.
I am doing it because of privacy issue
Thanks for understanding…